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Greek yogurt: the new food of the gods

Yogurt has become a phenomenon over the past year: whether original, frozen or Greek, it seems to be a more delectable treat because of the new ways of serving and eating it.

Greek yogurt is taking center-stage in supermarkets all over the country as consumers are now seeing its wide range of health benefits. With fewer calories and fewer grams of sugar, combined with much more calcium and protein, Greek yogurt is an extremely healthy choice for any snack or meal.

The taste is often richer than that of regular yogurt and comes in a wide variety of flavors.

“It’s a different taste than what I was used to and I liked the change, it tastes great with fruit,” said Marlee Ehrlich (‘12).

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Generally, the average original yogurt has about 5 grams of protein, but the protein-packed Greek yogurt can have up to 20 grams per serving. This makes it a great source of nutrients for those who are not so fond of meats and other typical protein-rich foods.

Greek yogurt also undergoes the process of fermentation in which liquid whey is removed, making the texture much thicker and smoother. Water is strained as well, making it extra-creamy without extra calories and fat.

“The texture is much more satisfying than regular yogurt and it has just the right amount of sweetness,” said Arun Reddy (‘13).

All of these benefits contribute to the great satisfaction one gets after eating Greek yogurt. And if all of the health perks are not enough, Greek yogurt also has much versatility. It can be eaten plain, in a parfait or in many dishes as a substitute for milk or sour cream.

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