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FOP prepares for December celebration

With holiday season just around the corner, FOP begins its preparation for their famous holiday party in December. Students involved in FOP, which stands for Fraternal Order of Police, work together to decorate, plan, and operate a successful holiday celebration for underprivileged and challenged children in the area.There are three sections that students can sign up for and participate in: Santa Claus Room, Ballroom, Table Decorations.

In the Santa Claus room, there is a big chair set up for Santa to sit in. Kids are able to line up and sit on Santa’s lap and receive a gift. Usually, the wait to see Santa could be up to thirty minutes. However, it is always worth the wait for the children.

In the Ballroom group, students create and design various festive banners and posters. The decorations light up the room and bring smiles to the childrens’ faces.

Finally, in Table Decorations, the students make decorations for the many tables in the ballroom. They plan things such as center pieces and table cloths to create a celebratory atmosphere in the room.

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Usually, FOP’s sole purpose is for the December holiday party. However, this year the FOP Chair people have decided to continue FOP throughout the whole school year. They plan to hold several fundraisers such as skating parties and bowling nights to raise money for their cause. Also, this year will be the first year that FOP will be selling T-shirts.

With two meetings down already, FOP is on its way to another successful year.

Check the schedule below for FOP meetings:



Tuesday, Oct. 24th (9th and 11th)

Thursday, Oct. 26th (10th and 12th)

Monday, Nov. 6th (10th and 12th)

Monday, Nov. 13th (9th and 11th)

Thursday, Nov. 16th (10th and 12th)

Monday, Nov. 20th (10th and 12th)

Tuesday, Nov. 21st (9th and 11th)

Wednesday, Nov. 29th (9th and 11th)

Thursday, Nov. 20th (10th and 12th)

Monday, Dec. 4th (10th and 12th)

Wednesday, Dec. 6th (9th and 11th)

Monday, Dec. 11th (9th and 11th)


Wednesday, Oct. 25th (ANY)

Monday, Nov. 27th (ANY)

Tuesday, Nov. 28th (ANY)

Tuesday, Dec. 5th (ANY)

Monday, Dec. 11th (ANY)