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Fantasy column seven



Phillip Rivers @ BUF- This will be a tougher one for Rivers as Buffalo has played well lately. But on a brighter note, a rookie CB, Leodis McKelvin, will start which should give Rivers a chance.


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Drew Brees @ CAR- This should be a good matchup for Brees.  We all saw what Tampa Bay did last week to Carolina, that plus the fact that Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey both come back should give Brees plenty of weapons in a shootout.


Aaron Rodgers vs. IND-

This should be a good matchup for Rodgers. Rodgers has played well so far and Indy isn’t all that scary. Packers will have to do anything they can to keep up anyway.


Jay Cutler @ NE- Does New England really scare anyone right now? San Diego destroyed them last week. Now that a better passing team in Denver comes to town, Cutler should have no problem picking apart this defense.


Brett Favre @ OAK- This could go either way for Favre. He seems to either be someone who lights it up or turns it off week by week. Oakland has a talented secondary, but will they gel in this game or will we see week one all over again?




Clinton Portis vs. CLE- This should be a big game for Portis. He is in the talks of MVP so far and Cleveland isn’t all that scary of a defense. Redskins should run a lot and Portis should have a good day.


Reggie Bush @ CAR- Bush has been on fire lately especially in there turn game. This game looks like a shootout and Bush should be a big part of this game. Carolina has good days on defense so there is a chance that they have found a way to contain Bush.


Marion Barber @ STL- St. Louis did a good job last week against the Redskins but this will be different. Without Romo, the Cowboys will run a lot more and the Rams shouldn’t be much of a challenge for a runner like Barber.


Adrian Peterson @ CHI- Remember what Peterson did last year against Chicago?He broke 200 against them. Expect a repeat performance since the Vikings will need it to have a shot to dethrone the Bears.


LaDainian Tomlinson @ BUF- Thisis not a good matchup for LT. Even though he is healing well, Buffalo is a greatdefense and this will not be a good week for him. Don’t sit him, but don’t expect much.




Greg Jennings vs. IND- Jennings has burned every defense he has faced so far and Indy shouldn’t be much different. Expect Jennings to find the end zone multiple times in this game.


Reggie Wayne @ GB- This is a good matchup for Wayne also as Wayne can beat Woodson in a footrace if he wanted to. Indy looked like they have re-emerged as they beat Baltimore last week so maybe this is a good sign for Wayne.


Terrell Owens @ STL- Is there anyone who can guard TO on the Rams? No.  Owens should have a big day.


Brandon Marshall @ NE- Marshall hasn’t hit 100 yds since week 3 but this should end that drought. New England has been bad lately and it won’t get easier this week.


Santana Moss vs. CLE- Cleveland’s secondary stinks. Moss should end his cold streak as long as Campbell throws him the ball this time.




Antonio Gates @ BUF- Gates has a good match-up here. Since the Bills will focus on LT for the most part, Gates should get some looks in this game and probably score.


Jason Witten @ STL- Witten should do well since Brad Johnson will have to check down a lot in this game. There will be a long bomb or 2 to TO attempted, but Witten should have a lot of short yard receptions.


Chris Cooley vs. CLE- Cooley has been hot lately. Cleveland contained Kevin Boss last week but Cooley is a tougher opponent.


Tony Gonzalez vs. TEN- This will be a long day for Gonzalez. Tennessee’s defense is phenomenal and with Larry Johnson’s deactivation this week, Gonzalez should be contained well.


Kellen Winslow @ WAS- This will be a bad matchup for Winslow. He isn’t 100% healthy and Redskins have a good secondary.


Boom picks


QB- Ben Roethlisberger @ CIN- This should be a great matchup for Roethlisberger.  This team will destroy Cincy since they have played abysmal and are 0-6 right now. Cincy should see 0-7 in Monday’s newspaper.


RB- Willis McGahee @ MIA- McGahee has a good history against Miami and Baltimore will have to establish a run game if they have any chance of knocking off Miami.


WR- Randy Moss vs. DEN- Denver’s corners haven’t played well recently and this cold streak can’t last with a player like Moss’s abilities. Moss bounces back in this game.


TE- Owen Daniels vs. DET- Daniels could be a surprise sleeper here in a game against an awful defense. Maybe he finds the end zone here.


Bust picks

QB- Derek Anderson @ WAS- I’m not on the bandwagon here.  Anderson will have another tough secondary that will be focused on preparing for him. Redskins are good and should contain him well.


RB- Frank Gore @ NYG- The Giants are going to focus on Gore since their offense runs through him. Giants have a tough defense and should contain Gore, even though it sounds like a tough task.


WR- TJ Houshmandzadeh vs. PIT- Houshmandzadeh is not fully healthy and is playing a tough defense in Pittsburgh.  Oh, did I mention, Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting at QB this week as well? No thanks.


TE- Todd Heap @ MIA- Miami has contained the TE well lately and Heap has been awful this year. Pass on him and find another option if possible.

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