Exploring Hidden Gems of Different Cuisines

Exploring Hidden Gems of Different Cuisines


Located in Voorhees Township, NJ, the Italian restaurant Siena offers a dining experience of authentic food with a beautiful presentation.

From the moment you walk in, Siena has Italian music playing, with warm lighting, bringing an inviting feeling. There are two seating areas, one to the left of the entrance and one to the right. They were both set up with flower centerpieces and candles, with paintings depicting Italy hung up on the walls. Both sides of the restaurant have windows, allowing you to feel the sun or see the stars, depending on the time of day you come to eat. They offer dine-in, take out, private events, and catering.

When I ate at Siena, the opposite side of the restaurant was reserved for a bridal shower, with all the tables decorated festively. Additionally, there were many fall and Halloween decorations, such as pumpkins and leaves throughout the restaurant.

They were accommodating to allergies and dietary restrictions, offering many dishes to choose from off the menu, such as meat, vegetarian, and vegan options. Additionally, they offered many different choices of drinks, including wine, as you could see from the handmade wine rack placed right next to the kitchen.

After we sat down, the waiter brought out a bowl of warm bread, with a side of butter and oil. For appetizers, we ordered the bruschetta, served with diced tomatoes, red onions, garlic, basil, olive oil, served over fresh bread slices, and drizzled with balsamic glace and shaved parmesan cheese. It was served on a wooden platter, beautifully laid out and presented to the table. Upon the first crunchy bite, the bruschetta was bursting with flavor.

For the main dish, I ate gnocchi pomodoro, a delicious dish of fresh homemade gnocchi, tomato, basil, garlic, and olive oil. Additionally, we had the penne vodka, with tomatoes in a vodka cream sauce. The pastas came out in large serving sizes, with plenty to eat there and take home for later.

The dishes were hearty and flavorful. With a nice, chilled glass of soda, our lunch was filled with nourishing and delicious food.

Siena offers an authentic dining experience for Italian food lovers. I look forward to returning and immersing myself in the warm, cozy atmosphere of Siena that made my first dining experience there so wonderful.

Fevzi’s Mediterranean Grill

Located on King’s Highway in the heart of Cherry Hill, NJ, Fevzi’s Mediterranean Grill is the perfect spot for South Jersey foodies who are eager to dive into a dish of flavorful Mediterranean food.

Fevzi’s Mediterranean Grill gives customers the option of ordering their food to go or ordering to eat in their adorned dining room. When ordering my food, I chose to take it to go. Unlike other takeout restaurants, Fevzi’s Mediterranean Grill packs up takeout food quite nicely, ensuring that the food is the same quality whether eaten in or out of the restaurant.

Upon walking up to the order counter I was a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of food options. Customers can choose to build their own grain, salad or grain-and-salad bowl, create a custom pita sandwich, make their own lavash wrap or order a flatbread. I chose to customize a grain bowl.

I was first instructed to choose up to two grains: pilaf, couscous, red bulgur or yellow rice. I opted for pilaf and couscous. The next step was choosing the protein for my bowl. Fevzi’s Mediterranean Grill offers lamb gyro, chicken kabob, beef kofte, veggie kabob, falafel, shrimp kabob, spicy chicken kofte, vegan kofte and fried salmon kofte. All of the protein is fresh and the falafel is even fried on the spot when you order it.

I added chicken kabob to my bowl and proceeded to choose my spreads and dips. From the many options of hummus, babaganoush and salad, I put hummus and feta salad in my bowl.

As for my toppings, I added cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese and pickles. The final step of my order was choosing a sauce. I opted for tzatziki.

All of the bowls cost $14.95, the pita sandwiches and lavash wraps cost $12.95 and the flatbreads cost $13.95. In addition to these meals, Fevzi’s Mediterranean Grill also offers baklava, fried dough, sekerpare and tulumba as dessert options.

I eagerly dove into my bowl as soon as I returned home. The food tasted as fresh as it looked. I especially enjoyed how fresh and authentic the chicken tasted.

I traveled to Israel for four weeks about two years ago and had my fair share of Mediterranean food while there. I can confidently say that my bowl from Fevzi’s Mediterranean Grill was just as good if not better than the food I had on my trip.

I look forward to returning to Fevzi’s Mediterranean Grill soon to enjoy another delicious meal.
Customers who are interested can also opt for delivery by ordering on the restaurant’s website, https://www.fevzisgrill.com/. The restaurant is located at 1650 North Kings Highway, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08034.

Exploring Fevzi’s Mediterranean Grill
Amma’s South Indian Cuisine

In the mood to try something new? Amma’s South Indian Cuisine, located in Eagle Plaza in Voorhees, provides a long menu absolutely filled with delicious appetizers, entrees and even desserts.

The restaraunt is dark but in a relaxing and soothing way. The walls are filled with beautiful art, and there is even a video playing on a television that shows you exactly how everything should be ordered and eaten. The menu is lengthy and has lots of variety including gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options.

It is a very unique restaurant since it is South Indian, which means a lot of the staples most people are used to, like naan, are not on the menu. The menu consists of South Indian specialties including dosa, which is a thin crispy bread that is served in a cone shape and comes with many different sauces and flavors that one can choose from. As someone who had never tried this before, it was interesting. I liked the concept, but the flavors weren´t my favorite.

We also ordered the gobi, which is fried cauliflower in a spicy sauce. This was delicious, and if you like spice then you´ll love this. For my entree, I got butter chicken which was good, but not the best I´ve had. We also ordered lamb vindaloo, which was pretty good. Everything we ordered was very flavorful, and you could tell it was made with love. Additionally, we ordered a bread called roti which you can definitely skip. It was flavorless, and since you get rice with most of the meals it’s not necessary.

Be careful when ordering because the portions are quite large and filling. Nothing at the table was finished, so it is great for leftovers. The prices were extremely affordable and overall it is a good restaurant if you are looking to try something new.

Exploring Amma’s South Indian Cuisine
Oba Mediterranean Grill

Oba Mediterranean Grill: located in the heart of Collingswood, New Jersey, Oba does not only house a great dining experience, but specializes in tasteful dishes originating from Turkey. In less than a ten-mile radius of Philadelphia, Oba touches down in the quaint town of Collingswood. Filled with various cuisines, and even another Mediterranean establishment, Li Beirut, Oba stands as a personal top pick, for the excellent mouth-watering cuisine.

This hidden gem tops being more than a restaurant in South Jersey, but a heart-warming experience, within the friendly and bright establishment. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted and guided to a table in a space that was accompanied by couples, families, and friends enjoying the delicious cuisine. Starting off strong, Oba’s mouth-watering version of bread had been served; pide. Pides are large round, or oval Turkish pita-like bread. With a slice from silverware, releases the heat and it deflates into textures of a soft inside, and crunchy textured outside.

At the table, we also tried a cold appetizer platter, which came with various delicious types of hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, and more delightful accompaniments. Given some time has passed, pita secured, and devoured between our party of three, entered the indecisiveness and hard decision of what to order. Upon getting recommendations from the waiter, I decided to try the homemade gyro. Gyro is meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, then shaved away, and in this case came with rice and salad. Given the opportunity to try, our table of three also ordered the lamb shish and lamb chops. Using the freshest ingredients and sources of quality meats from Oba, we all enjoyed the varied components of the dish, including the main and sides.

In my opinion, what sets a dining experience apart from your typical Saturday dinner is the atmosphere, quality of food, and energy. Oba brings the heat to the table with their unique dishes and great service for a wonderful night out.

Exploring Oba Mediterranean Grill
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