Entertainment Update 4: a biweekly update of entertainment news

“Grey’s Anatomy” star checks out: T.R. Knight, who plays George on “Grey’s Anatomy” and was outed by his now infamous ex-costar Isaiah Washington, is reportedly preparing to leave the show. While it is suspected that the reason why he wants to leave is because of limited airtime, only we have the real story. Apparently, T.R. specifically requested that the series creator Shonda Rhimes give his character a jelly donut in one episode. Rhimes, not a fan of jelly and donuts, refused. Thus, Knight, an aficionado of jelly and donuts, asked to be released from the show. Some fans even speculate that Knight will be getting his own TV show themed around the idea of owning a bakery.”Twilight” director won’t direct sequel: Catherine Hardwicke, who helmed the box-office hit “Twilight,” will not be directing the sequel. Scheduling conflicts appear to be the reason, but other problems fueled the breakup. Hardwicke and Stephanie Meyer, author of the “Twilight” book series, argued over whether Edward, a vampire, or Jacob, a werewolf, (both characters in the novel) was hotter. Meyer chose Edward and Hardwicke chose Jacob. Tense filming sessions and debates ensued, leaving the two women at odds with each other. A new director has not been chosen to direct the sequel to “Twilight”, “New Moon”.

The Golden Globe Awards: Movie award season has almost begun, and numerous television fans have begun selling their TV’s rapidly. Hoping to avoid the superfluous attention given to the award ceremonies, American’s are getting rid of their television sets. Estimates show television sets in the millions being returned to stores across America. Some economists even predict that the returning of TV sets may solve the economic crisis. Several outlet stores have offers for reduced prices on books, magazines and other commodities to get people through awards season. Expect reduced energy bills and television viewing to begin after January 11, 2009, when the Golden Globes will air on TV. After that viewers will still have to endure the gossip, commercials and publicity for the Oscars, in addition to all the other awards shows still to come.