East students missing on Halloween

On October 31, many East students were missing. These absent students had been replaced with witches, superheroes, ghosts, and a variety of not-so-frightening creatures.

Cherry Hill East students embraced Halloween this year by dressing up in a variety of outfits. The halls were filled with a mixture of personas, from famous figures from the past to scary monsters from the present.

Age didn’t appear to be a factor when it came to which grade level chose to dress up. A large number of people from each grade affectated a different personality, but the seniors undoubtedly embraced the holiday. While, superficially, is appears that the older an individual gets, the more “immature” Halloween becomes, this was not the case for East’s seniors. The school’s oldest class actually embraced the freedom to dress differently on the day.

“You can wear whatever fun stuff you want and not care about what other people think,” said Brenda Arrojo (’07).

Liz Chung (’07) agrees with Arrojo, who acknowledges that Halloween is, simply, a day to be whatever you want and have fun doing so.

“You don’t have to worry about anyone saying anything about you,” said Chung.

While students may see the day as an opportunity to express themselves without concern for their reputation, class goes on. Normal classes ran on schedule with, generally, only minor interruptions for teachers to comment on a student’s costume.

“[My teaching philosophy] is no different than any other day,” said math teacher Mr. Jeff Killion. “I keep a tight ship running no matter what.”

Whether Halloween is a chance to express individuality or if it is just another day, East may never know for sure. Watch out, though – next year comes frighteningly fast.