The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


Spring Dodgeball Results


First Place: Mike ‘n Ike’s – Colin Roualet, Mike Stewart, Mike Suli, Mike O’Neil, Marc Rothman, Kevin Swenson

Second Place: Channel 4 News Team – Brian Cohn, David Friedman, Eric Zaun, Tyler Caton, Josh LeVine, Ethan Feinstein

Third Place: Mannie Fresh – Mr. Maniscalco, Stephen Gottlieb, Adam Elgrissy, Joey Andalora, John Minion, Zach Lang, Kevin Barry

Fourth Place: TAP – Brandon Crouch, Nick Alesandrini, Shawn Hammond, Tim Gaines, Paul Dang, Jeremy Keesal

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Fifth Place: Team Rocket – Eric Iacono, Mike Anderson, Mike Reisman, Nikko Erfe, Ralph Grillo, Aaron Greenberg  

Sixth Place: King – Tyler Feldman, Tyler Drob, Nick Phelan, Connor Milligan, Steve Ascola, Blaise Paglione

Seventh Place: Scarlet Hokies – Ms. Boyle, Mrs. Scharff, Nicole Escobar, Aubrey Mellul, Katie DeMalo, Hannah Westover, Courtney Workman

The following teams qualified for the wild card round but did not advance:

Eigth Place: We Like Girls – Chris Santo, Sam Rose, Marc Schlessel, Alex Kauth, Brett Roseman, Hank Davis

Ninth Place: Chow Mein – Dan Orichowskyj, Tom Santo, Ian Effron, Kevin Shu, Wesley Ho, Erdong Chen  

Tenth Place: Coup d’Etat – Ms. Mason, Mr. Rosenberg, Mr. Howard, Mr. Bryant, Mr. Owens, Mrs. McKee, Mr. Davis

Eleventh Place: Bowenidict Arnold – Dan Desrochers, Zach Presant, Jordan Wohl, Gary Reiff, Travis Boardman, Josh Friedman, Mr. Rouen

Twelvth Place: DTB – Michelle Thompson, Casey Clark, Rachel Viggiano, Becca Froyd, Lindsay Savar, Megan Martin, Marie Sheldon

Thirty-one teams competed.

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