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Confused frosh forgets season

With the recent excitement of final exams ending, and school being out for the summer, some students are still in shock. One student in particular, Mikayla Forgotlot (’12), was beyond “in shock”. She couldn’t believe school was over. At least that was her explanation when she was found in school before 8 am on Monday, June 22.

“I just… couldn’t believe it,” said Forgotlot when she was questioned by staff.

It was reported to Eastside that this freshman was so used to Monday mornings back at school, after a nice weekend. She even had all of her school supplies with her. She just forgot.

Some advice was offered by staff at school, “It probably happens more than you think… maybe.” Forgotlot wasn’t moved.

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As a freshman, Forgotlot finished her final exams on Tuesday, the 16th but returned to school on Thursday, the 18th for some end of the year good-byes to teachers. She did not attend Wednesday’s graduation at Temple’s Liacouras center.

Classmate Gina Live (’12) contributed to the situation, “Mikayla is really forgetful sometimes. Such a freshman.”

Live added that Forgotlot texted her around 8:30 am, after she phoned her mom to pick her up. Her angry mother was a little confused why Mikayla was going to school, but didn’t argue her daughter’s motives so early on a summer morning. The text message read something like: “wanna hear a good joke? I went to school this morning. Ugh.”

Later, Live and Forgotlot made plans to see a romantic comedy movie to hopefully lighten up her bad day.

Still, Forgotlot was too embarrassed about the situation to report any further comments.

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