Class of 2008 wins dance competition for second consecutive year

seniors1.jpgAfter weeks of preparation and hard work, the Spirit Week dances finally hit the stage at Cherry Hill East in the Spirit Week Dance Competition. The theme this year was board games, with the freshmen playing Operation, sophomores playing Clue, juniors playing Life and seniors playing Monopoly.

The freshman started off the evening with a bang and ambulance sirens, adorned in scrubs and T-shirts. They got the blood flowing with a head, shoulders, knees and toes exercise and then called on Doctor Jones to fix their ailments.          

Next came the sophomores and no one had a “clue” what they were going to do. They proved the Spirit Week mission possible as they presented all scenes, suspects and weapons in a dancing manner. And as to the mystery of the murdered freshman? We think it was Janitor Wilcox in the DiBart Gymnasium with the scissors.

Up next came the juniors, who warned the audience of the “Good Life” to come with an opening of street signs. The boys kept the Good Life up as they lived the Viva Loca from nine to five. Stacey Green (’09) was left at the altar as Paige Robinson (’09) ran off with the groom to produce a fat, dancing baby of their own.

Last but not least the seniors monopolized the show with an advancement straight to Go and a temporary stop in jail as they rocked the audience’s socks off with “Jailhouse Rock.” They then boarded the R&R Railroad for a ride under the boardwalk and a stop at the Water Works to scrub down. Senior Class Advisors Mr. Greg Gagliardi and Mrs. Katie Kelly broke it down as the Monopoly People, and the girls reminded the audience why “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.”

All in all it was an intense game, and in the end the seniors win the Spirit Week dance competition market as they came in first, followed by the juniors in second, the sophomores in third and the freshmen in fourth. Videos of the dances will be Dance '08added to this website as soon as possible.

Photo by Nickee Plaksen (’10)/ Eastside Photo Editor