Big Brother undergoes some big changes this year


Courtesy of: CBS

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While most people would associate August with tanning and traveling, Big Brother fans associate it with their favorite show’s return. If you are unfamiliar with this reality television show, then I’ll catch you up to speed.

Every season a group of strangers resides together in the Big Brother house. These houseguests go head to head in a constant battle for power. What’s at stake here for the winner? 500,000 dollars. Those in power nominate two people to be voted upon. Whomever the houseguests vote to get evicted are immediately taken out of the competition. With the show’s mantra as “expect the unexpected,” shocking twists have added that spice up the game.

The live show released on August 5, and in light of the pandemic, had to undergo some significant changes this year. To start, all players had to be tested before entering the house. Also, as players were flown to LA, they were required to take part in a two-week self-quarantine before the show’s start. This ultimately changed the game’s course because there were a few players that were intended to compete, but tested positive for COVID-19. This year the show eliminated the studio audience. The houseguests wore masks and distanced themselves 12 feet from the host, Julie Chen. When the players entered the house, they were permitted to take their masks off as they were essentially quarantining in a group. As players get evicted, they must wear their masks as they exit the house.

Many of the players this season have also chosen to use their platform to talk about important issues happening in the world. Whether speaking up about social injustice or attempting to prove something, during what is called the “live feeds” that record the houseguests, 24/7 houseguests usually converse on the crucial issues in current times.
In addition to COVID related changes, this season is notable for its theme: All-Stars. The best performing and most favored houseguests from the previous 21 seasons enter the house for another chance at half a million dollars. This season the players are more advanced. While they create allies to further themselves in the game, they eventually will need to turn on each other. Being that all the players have experienced the game prior, this season is sure to be as unexpected as the show claims.