Bi-Weekly Entertainment Update

Twitter Takeover: The saying goes that April showers bring May flowers. This month, though, a new saying became a marker of this historic time: “Twittering talk show hosts brings telecommunications coup.” The recent featuring of the social networking site Twitter, where one can blog about oneself or follow others’ daily activities, has led to an immense surge in the site’s usage. Some media analysts fear that Twitter may be pushing the communication industry of today towards a very deep precipice. Talk show hosts Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey and Larry King have done segments on Twitter on their respective shows. The impending coup has been closely followed by White House officials, waiting to decide how to react to the event. Twitter has been gaining momentum on the internet and looks to soon take over the telephone industry. Soon all ringtones will be monolithic, and will mimic bird calls. Hollywood has already signed deals to make Twitter into both a movie and television series. In New York, Broadway has shown an interest in adapting the site into a play. Analysts have predicted that by the end of the year, twitter will have garnered a recording label or will be in the process of auditioning for American Idol. 

Idol uses the “save”: On the most recent episode of American Idol, the four judges decided the use their one-use-only “save” to keep Matt on the show. The joy emanating from this contestant after being saved prompted the government to establish a plan for solving all of the nation’s domestic problems. Alan Smith, leader of the project, said, “We have decided that we are going to market the American Idol “save” feature to every American family. If you have economic troubles, then you can just take our product – a sheet of stickers with the judges saying ‘you have been saved!’ – and place it on your bills. That way, the next time you look at them, “poof” your woes will be gone.” Talks are even underway to install recordings of the judges “save” talk into stuffed animals. 

Britney’s Concert Trouble: Britney Spears’ Circus tour is experiencing a bump in the road. In order to bring in more money and more fans, Britney is taking drastic measures. Rather than pump up the volume and energy of her performances, she will be serenading each ticket buyer. The stage decorations will be removed, save for two chairs and a microphone. Britney hopes that by “staring into the eyes of every fan and singing to their souls,” the concerts will be more successful. 

Octomom Strikes Again: the Octomom will be appearing on television screens in the near future after reportedly signing a television deal with a British reality TV show. Suleman next wants to have her children sign a record label, star in their own film trilogy and break the record for most talk show appearances – all before their first birthday. She has already hired dance coaches to start choreography lessons with her babies, who just recently were released from the hospital. Suleman doesn’t want to be called a supermom, though, and just wants to be recognized for her dedication to making these babies superstars.