Joel Greenspan

Joel Greenspan, Eastside Art Director

Rumored to have been born with a paintbrush in hand, Joel has always had a passion for art. Nationally recognized at the early age of eight, Joel has quickly risen to the top of the art world. Recently, Joel was named one of the top Draw Something players of 2012, and also became the first person to successfully draw a perfect circle using nothing but straight lines. With his comics now hanging in the Louvre (Paris), the MoMA (New York), and the Tate (London), most people consider Joel as the modern Leonardo da Vinci. Yet aside from that, Joel still views himself as just a normal high school student. He enjoys exercising at the JCC, watching Sports Center, playing his guitar, and hanging out with his friends. In addition, Joel is notorious for his dry sense of humor... or so he thinks.

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