Amy Myers

Amy Myers, Eastside Opinions Editor

Amy is a fun and spirited teenage girl. Typical? Probably the last word that could be used to describe her. She loves helping people and making a difference in both a community setting and on a national level. She brings food to assorted shelters in the Burlington County area, collects new and used clothing for underprivileged Native Americans and helps mentally disabled people in her spare time. It's something that she just loves to do. She also advocates for improvements in the workforce for women (equal pay, etc.), the environment, the protection of the Postal Service and the conservation of education. Everything is always fun with a little controversy! Want to get in on the action?

Contact her at: lucky_shire@verizon.net

Follow her on Twitter @amyteamamy or @postalpatriots

Or her website: www.PostalPatriots.com

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