Varsity girls remain undefeated on volleyball court

Yesterday afternoon, the girl’s varsity volleyball team hit it off by beating Washington Township 25 to 13, and then 25 to 18. This marks a total of 12 undefeated games in a row for East’s volleyball girls.

Anna Johnson (’10) graced the court with seven kills, while Marissa Johnson (’10) did so with five kills. Jessica Smith (’10) and Sara Gurkin (’10) played fiercely, contributing three kills each. Yael Einhorn (’10) covered her teammates skillfully, providing a total of thirteen assists.

With each point made, the team performed a brief step cheer, flaunting their team spirit and pride in front of their opponents.

“I think we’re doing so well [this year] because we have strong upperclassmen. The seniors have been together for the past three years,” said Anna Johnson.

The next volleyball game is at home on Tuesday, October 13 against West. Hopefully the girls will be able to continue their undefeated winning streak.