Travel across the country to watch some summer ‘ball games

Wrigley Field is home to the Chicago Cubs.

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Wrigley Field is home to the Chicago Cubs.

Sophie Levine, Eastside Sports Editor

Throughout the United States, there are many ballparks that are unique in their own way. As many families travel around the country in the summer, it’s fun to scope out the nearest ballpark wherever you happen to be visiting. Whether your visit is to catch a game or take a tour of the stadium, it is a place where there is something for every member of the family to enjoy. Below are a few of my favorites that I have visited.  


Chicago, Illinois: Wrigley Field

There is nothing better than the smell of freshly roasted peanuts accompanied by the crack of the bat of the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Wrigley Field, built in 1914, is the second oldest Major League Baseball stadium in the United States. The dark green ivy that covers the outfield fence is truly a sight that you will never forget. In addition to catching a game, you are able to take a stadium tour given by an employee of Wrigley Field.  However, depending on if you take the tour on a game day or a non-game day, you will see different things. For example, on a non-game day, you are able to walk onto the field and into the press box. There is certainly nothing like it. Wrigley Field is a must-see for sports fans of any age.


Bronx, New York: Yankee Stadium

As for the history of baseball, the Yankees certainly have a rich one. The twenty-seven World Series titles they have won is the most in Major League Baseball. Yankee Stadium, although rebuilt only in 2008, carries rich tradition. In center field, you can find Monument Park, which is home to plaques and monuments of famous Yankees. Most recently, Derek Jeter’s number two was retired and his monument was placed in Monument Park. Also, in May of 2017, “Judge’s Chamber” was introduced to Yankee Stadium. Judge’s Chamber is a section fully devoted to Aaron Judge, a Yankee Rookie star, where fans dress up as judges in a courtroom and hold gavels. Furthermore, one cannot forget about all of the amazing ballpark food that Yankee Stadium has to offer!


Boston, Massachusetts: Fenway Park

Throughout all of the rich American history in Boston, Massachusetts, like the Freedom Trail and Faneuil Hall, Fenway Park can often be overlooked. However, built in 1912, Fenway Park is the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball. The most notable feature that Fenway has to offer is the Big Green Monster in left field. The wall is 37.2 feet tall, making it difficult for players to hit a homerun over it. Also, Fenway Park only has 37,731 seats, which is significantly less than most of the other ballparks around the country. Surrounding the stadium are many shops and restaurants to visit before or after the game.  


Phoenix, Arizona: Chase Field

Chase Field, home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, was built in 1998, making it one of the newer stadiums built. In the outfield of Chase Field, there is a swimming pool that fans can rent out. They can take a dip in the pool while watching the Diamondbacks play their game! Another cool thing to check out is the sonoran hot dog: a hot dog wrapped in bacon and served with whatever toppings you like. Chase Field is a stadium not to be missed.


Be sure to check out one of these ballparks on your next family vacation.