The 76ers finally look to a brighter future


Courtesy of CBS Philly

Things are starting to look up for the 76ers especially with the help of star players, Joel Embiid and Dario Saric.

Adam Dashevsky, Eastside Staff

Although the 76ers have been a complete mess over the past couple of years, the future is starting to look bright for this young team. The Sixers have two of the top five ranked rookies on their team, with Dario Saric and Joel Embiid at one on most if not all list.

Embiid leads the team in points, rebounds, and blocks with 19.6 points per game, 7.6 rebounds per game, and 2.3 blocks per game. After suffering an injury in 2014 and not playing an NBA game until this year, the rookie center seems to be making a significant impact. Whether it is his clutch free throws, huge blocks, or funny tweets, Embiid is the most beloved man in Philadelphia at the moment and is bringing back light on a team that has been in the dark for the past couple of years.

Matt Moore of CBS Sports writes, “the Sixers are top 15 in 3-point shooting and top 10 in makes per game, and all they really need is reliable point guard play.”

The Sixers have won six of their last eight games, and have already won more games than their season total of 10 last year. One of the more impressive games was the win against the New York Knicks where the Sixers were down 10 in the final two minutes. Forward Robert Covington and Embiid knocked down two threes to help set up guard TJ McConnell’s buzzer-beater jump shot over all-star Carmelo Anthony and 7’3” Kristaps Prozingis.

The Sixers have been succeeding in all of their recent wins without their number one pick, Ben Simmons. Simmons fractured a bone in his foot back in September, terrifying all fans out of their jerseys. Simmons has recently stopped wearing his boot, has been involved in more practices and has traveled with the team to away games to learn more about the NBA lifestyle. This recent good news has Sixers fans smiling cheek to cheek and excited about the Sixers future.

The Sixers play their next game against the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday, the 18th.