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Super Bowl Preview

Well, it’s that time. Super Sunday, and while you’re all digging out from the snow, Super Bowl XLIV will be played in 78 degrees and plentiful sunshine. Doesn’t that make you happy? Anyway, here my take on the big game (minus the commercials).

Saints Offense vs. Colts D: The Colts D is very fast, though undersized. They can get from sideline to sideline very quickly due to their speed out of the gate. The Saints like to utilize Reggie Bush, and Pierre Thomas, and start off with short passes to start off. The Colts will be able to get after these short plays due to their speed. The way the Saints will succeed on O, will be through the deep passing game, as it did almost all year. But, the Colts have a great pass rush, but, Dwight Freeney’s ankle is all torn up. Even if he does play, he will be severly limited in what he can do, so the pass rushing duties will be heaped onto Raheem Brock and Robert Mathis. Jerraud Powers, the rookie corner who has played very well this year for the Colts, is injured, and even if he does play, he will be limited. Even though the Colts D has played very well this postseason, they haven’t faced a Saints caliber offense in awhile, and the injuries will hurt them bigtime.

Advantage: New Orleans

Colts O vs. Saints D

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The Saints are 26th in the league on D, minus the turnovers, which has been their calling card all year. They allowed over 500 yards against Minnesota, but the 6 turnovers they forced lead to their victory. If they don’t force turnovers, Peyton Manning will pick them apart. Greg Williams has said that the Saints will hit Peyton Manning like they did Brett Favre and Kurt Warner. And, indirectly, they want to injure him. However, they hit the QB’s after the passes were thrown, and they didn’t get a sack against the Vikings. The Colts O-Line has allowed 10 sacks all year including the playoffs, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Peyton Manning will have a field day.

Advantage: Indy

X-Factor: Which D can get that all important stop?

This is an Arena Football term, because the offense will be like an Arena game. Which D can get the 3 and out, or force a punt? One possesion will likely be the difference here, and whoever can get the stop will be likely to win the game. The Colts D is better despite the injuries, and even though the Saints can force turnovers, they won’t against Peyton Manning who is playing the best football of his career.

Pick: Colts

Thanks for reading during the football season. I’ll be back soon with my grandiose opinions on other sports. See you then, and good luck digging out!

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