Student share their perspective on the later start to Winter Sports


Yena Son ('22)

The Cherry Hill East Girls Volleyball team participate in a group huddle before their varsity game.

Excited cheers rumble through the audience in the bleachers. The basketball drifts from teammate to teammate. The water ripples with each and every swift stroke and powerful kick. This is what you can expect from a winter sports season at Cherry Hill High School East. This winter season, however, will be different from those that have preceded it. Winter sports are expected to kick off later in the month of January and three student athletes have a lot to say about their new forms of preparation for the winter season.

Jiwoo Lee (‘24) was anticipating an exciting freshman season for volleyball. She will not be with the freshmen team until the beginning of March 2021.

During the summer, Lee was able to partake in East volleyball practices and CHVBC (Cherry Hill Volleyball Club) doubles. Before the announcement of winter sports being postponed, Lee spent her days practicing with other players from East and CHVBC. With the new guidelines and regulations in place, Lee is unable to practice with other people, but she has become more independent while taking the initiative to stay in shape.

Lee is using this extra time at home to practice with herself more. The pandemic has allowed her to keep herself in shape by running every other day and using the free opportunities to go outside and walk around.

“It’s a bummer that the season is postponed,” said Lee, “I’m just thankful it’s not cancelled.”
When volleyball season rolls around, Lee will be ready to set forth her best efforts and optimistic attitude at the nets.

Jenna McGovern (‘24) is trying to stay optimistic during these hard times by keeping herself busy with sports.
“Basketball is something I love doing so much,” said McGovern.

Having such a strong passion for the sport, McGovern was looking forward to her first year on the East Girls basketball team. She was definitely upset when she heard the news. However, during a questionable time like today, McGovern remains hopeful since there is still a winter season.

“[Because of COVID], I’m not getting to practice much with other people,” said McGovern.

Despite the circumstances, she is being resourceful and taking the time to go on runs frequently and work on her skills one to two times a week. McGovern will be ready to step on to the courts in January 2021.

Robert Simms (‘23) was expecting to return to his second season on the East Boy’s Swim Team, and was disappointed to hear that the swim season would be starting later.

“I was really bummed out just because the Cherry Hill East’s Boys swim team is a family,” said Simms.
Simms has been prepping for the season by practicing with his club team. His daily practices at Wahoos consists of laps in the pool and core and weight exercises on dry land.

Simms has been keeping a positive attitude by reminding himself that he will be able to reunite with the boys swim team soon.

“I’ve learned to make the most of the situation,” Simms said, “I’ll be back in the pool swimming with my team better than ever.”

The pandemic has impacted sports in a major way, but as of now winter athletics are expected to start up after the new year. These three competitors cannot wait to get back to the nets, the basketball court, and the pool once again, which will be a sense of normalcy for athletes like them everywhere.