Spring sports have finally begun


Art made by Shayna Oppen ('24)

Collage of in order top left: softball team, top right: tennis team, bottom left: lacrosse team, bottom right: baseball team

Spring sports have finally begun at Cherry Hill High School East. Lacrosse, track, baseball, tennis, and softball are just some of the fun sports that East has to offer. There is so much to look forward to as these sports have just begun.
Varsity lacrosse Attacker, Gavin Poulshock (’22) said that “We can expect the game to be fast and super aggressive.” Poulshock stated how “last year our season was shut down because of Covid but now we are coming back with more experience and older players so we will win more games.” To prepare for the season Poulshock said that “We have been doing a lot of strength work and we were in a winter tournament with a few teams which really helped us stay fit so we can come out looking good and ready to play. Stav Cohen (’25) junior varsity lacrosse player said “we can expect a lot of progressions and the build of chemistry throughout the season.”
The track team has been practicing very hard and kept working especially hard in the offseason, Ava Crawley (’25) who is on the track team said, “Before the season to prepare we were going to the gym a lot to get stronger and doing a lot of running to stay fit.” This season fans should expect a lot out of the track team.
The baseball team is already off to a great start. Carter Gill (’25) baseball player said “ I am very excited for the rest of the season. We won our first game and it’s great momentum for the rest of the season.” Gill also said that “It’s a hard-working team and we will persevere through all our obstacles throughout the season to continue winning.”
East has always been known for having a great boys’ tennis team so fans should keep expecting greatness from them. Spencer Deabreu (’22) tennis player said “we can expect nice rallies and positive spirits.” Deabreu said, “ we can look forward to fans cheering us on and winning state champs.” Ethan Bierig (’22) who is also on the tennis team said “we have been preparing and really watching our diets. We are making sure we get good quality carbs and protein to fuel us to a lot of wins. “The run to beck is also great conditioning on top of playing three hours a day,” Bierig added.
Varsity softball player Hannah Pollack (’22) is a softball player. Pollack said, “There’s a lot more talent on the team so we can expect more competitive games.” Pollack also said, “We won our first game so let’s hope to have a good season.” This season is going to be exciting and packed with action by East’s very talented players. Roll Cougs!