Soccer seniors get a big surprise

Playing a sport as a senior is a great experience. Seniors get a lot of playing time. They also get respect from underclassmen. With most sports, too, they get Senior Day.

Organized by junior athletes, Senior Day is a day on which the players of a particular sport honor the seniors on the team. Yesterday, Tuesday October 10th was Senior Day for girls’ soccer. Freshman, sophomore and junior athletes were assigned a senior athlete to celebrate.

Courtney Marro (’07), a senior soccer player, thinks Senior Day is a great tradition.

“It’s fun. Players wear shirts with their senior’s name on them and bring in food for them. They get to make big posters for them and decorate their lockers, too,” said Marro.

Senior Day festivities are usually the same each year, but the date can change. Though sometimes held on the day of the team’s last home game, the juniors ultimately get to choose when to have Senior Day.

Most sports have a day of celebration to honor its seniors. The day gives seniors a chance to look back on their high school sports careers and relive happy memories of competition.

So next time you spot an athlete walking down the hall wearing a shirt with the words “I Love Seniors” written on the front, carrying a plate of cookies, and maybe even wearing face paint, it just might be Senior Day at East.

The Girls’ Varsity soccer team played Eastern yesterday at their home field at 3:45 pm.