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RB/DB Campbell (’11) Signs

Not everyone can cite “90% football scholarship to Lehigh” as a life accomplishment, but Isaiah Campbell (’11) is one of the favored few.

A running back and a defensive lineman for the East Cougars, Campbell has been playing football for ten years. He started in the Cherry Hill Midget Leagues and then went on to play at Voorhees before starting at East.

Campbell was recruited by Coach Dave Cecchini. Campbell said, “One day the coach came to the school and we exchanged information. He saw the Washington township game and that sparked an interest in him and we kept in touch.”

Campbell plans to study premed at the college of arts and sciences at Lehigh. “First I wanted to go to Temple, but I injured my knee [in the game against Eastern].”

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However, Campbell is excited to be on his own next year. “Lehigh is a school of academic and athletic excellence.”

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  • P

    PatriotLeagueMomFeb 23, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Joe is correct about athletic scholarships in the Patriot League. And he cited a very good article as to the reason why. However, they can give students a lot of financial aid in the form of academic scholarships and grants if they want a student athlete bad enough and they feel that he/she fits into their athletic program and can meet their academic responsibilities. And I am sure this is the case with Mr. Campbell. Good luck to him, and he and his family should be very proud of his accomplishment!

  • J

    JoeFeb 8, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    I am pretty sure Lehigh can’t give football scholarships. They are a member of the Patriot League, which doesn’t award athletic scholarships to any of its sports.