Phillies falter in World Series

In a series that was full  of strategy and hard decision making, the New York Yankees came out victorious, when they won game six of the 2009 World Series and ultimately winning the World Series 4 games to 2 games against the Phillies.

Although going into game six, it had seemed that the tides had turned in the Phillies favor,  after the game started, it had a bad mood to it for Phillies fans. Pedro Martinez, who was going on normal rest, squared off against Andy Pettitte who was going on three days rest.

The major problem for Martinez was pitching to Hideki Matsui.  Matsui had homered off of Martinez in game two of the world series, and ended up driving in six of the Yankees seven runs in game six.

Although the Phillies could not win back to back World Series, this season was another step in the right direction for the Phillies to continue to have much more success for many years to come.  Between all of their key current players, who are all relatively young, and their prospects in the minor leagues that are highly thought of, Phillies fans can expect many more exciting seasons to come.