Philadelphia sports impact the local economy


Courtesy of NBC Sports

Philadelphia sports teams are helping bring revenue into the community.

We all eagerly watched Game 5 of the NLCS on television this Sunday, anticipating a moment of greatness, and it happened: Bryce Harper hit a winning home run in the eighth inning, taking our team to the World Series.

Though the game seemed close for some time, with the Phillies starting strong and the Padres soon tying and eventually taking the lead, Harper showed us that there was no need for the City of Brotherly Love to fear a loss. Some doubted his 2019 signing of a 13-year, $330 million free-agent contract with the Phillies, but in this win, he proved to the world that this was the best decision he ever made in his baseball career: not only for himself but for Philadelphia, too.

The Phillies aren’t the only Philly team whose incredible season has uplifted the city. The Eagles are currently undefeated with a 6-0 record for only the third time in history. Local fans have high hopes for another possible Super Bowl win (Eagles parade, anyone?) for the first time since 2018, and their #1 standing in the NFC can absolutely make this possible.

But what does this mean for Philadelphia and for its citizens who aren’t sports fanatics? What could it mean for the city’s economy in the event of an impending recession?

Success, to put it simply.

When cities’ teams win championships and advance farther into the playoffs, no matter the sport, fans become excited. They buy tickets to upcoming games, writing off the price needed to spend for this event as minute in comparison to the experience. Along with the tickets, they must purchase food and drinks when they arrive at the game. Merchandise, too.

Beyond those at the stadium, fans at home buy immense amounts of food from local businesses to eat as they watch the game on TV with their friends. Those local businesses contribute to the city’s economy.

The costs all add up, and the city gains considerable revenue each time a much-anticipated game occurs.

Each time the Phillies and Eagles win, they light up excitement within their fans, urging them to celebrate. Hopefully, they’ll continue their streak and these celebrations, and Philadelphia will profit from it. So, thank you in advance, Bryce Harper.