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The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


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JV boys’ basketball battles Pennsauken; lose 55-50

They start neck-and-neck, with the Cougar sustaining a hairline lead.  However, with four minutes left in the first quarter, the Indians make a foul shot to make it 9-8.  Once the Indians overtake the Cougars, the Cougars can not pounce back to take another lead.  They do put up a fierce fight through the very end, losing to Pennsauken 55-50.

First Pennsauken makes it 9-8; then, they pull ahead 12-8 with a three.  Ido Zaken (’11) answers back with a three to make it 12-11.  Zaken then draws a foul to tie it up at 12.

The first quarter of the fight ends with 14 points a piece.

The second quarter is a little scary for the Cougars. 

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Pennsauken starts the quarter with two threes to pull ahead 20-16.   

Pennsauken’s M. Dawkins kills us with his many rebounds.  Zaken misses two threes off the rim and the score is 26-18.

Then they’re up 30-20 with two minutes left in the half.

Zaken is fouled in the paint and makes 1 for 2.

Tenacious D by Jason Warren (’11), who gets the ball to Brenton Aderson (’11), whose lay-up makes it 30-23.

Sam Rose (’11) steals and passes to Warren.  A missed lay-up and no foul is called.

Rose steals again, but there just isn’t enough time.  Pennsauken leads 30-23 at the half, with Zaken scoring eleven and Warren six.

At first, the third quarter doesn’t look pretty.

We call time with 6:13 left on the clock trailing 34-24. 

Zaken comes back with a bucket down low.  34-26.

Warren dives after the ball and scares the crowd when he falls to the floor.  He’s back up, however, after a backward lay-up attempt is down and taken out of the game with an injured knee.

The Cougars miss his strong defense.  We let them shoot an unguarded three and with luck they miss, but Dawkins is fouled on the rebound and makes one foul shot to make it 35-26.

We let Dawkins rebound too many missed shots, but, fortunately, he was unable to take advantage of the free opportunities.

Our D picks it up, and Aderson gets the rebound and passes to Alex Kauth (’11) who hits the three, making it 35-31.

Pennsauken makes it 37-31.

Kauth makes it 37-33 with a lay-up, but Dawkins answers back to make it 39-33.

Ralph DeJesus (’11) becomes key for East.  He draws a foul, goes 1/1, and the score is 39-36.

Zaken steals but they get it back and draw a foul.  The Indians make 1/2 to make it 40-36.

Then, Aderson comes up big in the paint to cut their lead to 40-38.  Pennsauken comes back to make it 44-38.

Zaken draws a foul down low to make it 44-40, and the quarter ends with Aderson’s rebound to prevent them from scoring.

Pennsauken scores early in the 4th to make it 46-42.  The Cougars miss three consecutive threes and gain nothing from a long possession.

Zaken shoots, misses, but it’s rebounded by DeJesus to make it 46-44.

 With four minutes to go, Kauth misses down low and they hit a three.  49-44.

2:52 remaining.  Pass downcourt to Zaken, but he can’t control the pass.  They hit a three to make it 52-44.  We just can’t make something happen.

Two minutes to go; they have possession.  They go for a three–no sir!–Zaken with the rebound, down to Aderson… 52-46.  1:20 left.

The ref blows the whistle by accident and Pennsauken must pass it in.

DeJesus with a rebound down low–passes it down court–out on Pennsauken.


48.7 seconds.


Cougars are fouled and pass it in from down low.  Zaken scores in the paint 52-48 29 seconds remaining.  We call time.

We foul them but they go 0/1 and Aderson scores.

52-50 with 12 seconds on the clock.  We call time.

We foul them with 11.9 seconds and they go 2/2 to make it 54-50.  We call another time out.

Rose gets two technicals and is thrown out of the game with 5 fouls.  Nine seconds left and Pennsauken goes 1/4 to make it 55-50; they have possession.

Aderson steals with five seconds left but we can’t do anything with it.

Game over 55-50.

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