Josh Janove is going to the IMG Academy for baseball

Josh Janove (22) playing baseball for the Cherry Hill High School East boys baseball team

Courtesy of Josh Janove ('22)

Josh Janove (’22) playing baseball for the Cherry Hill High School East boys baseball team

Year round, Joshua Janove (‘22) is spotted standing tall and competitive on the field, with the bold, pronounced digits of “11”, presented proudly on his back. Off and especially on the field, Janove is noted to be a key athlete who has stood out throughout his baseball career.
His efforts- all four seasons with his high school team, Cherry Hill High School East baseball team, and his national team, Time to Sign. His skill- leading the Cherry Hill East team in the 2020-2021 season with the most hits, runs, and home runs. His passion- his constant, unchanging love and enthusiasm for his sport. Yet his recent, athletic decision has particularly stood out for the baseball player- his plan for the upcoming school year in the fall.
Quite evidently, the recent, unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has struck and affected various aspects of daily life and school, athletics being a major target. With the loss of almost two regular seasons nationwide, the NCAA has granted collegiate athletes an extra year to showcase their skills and performance. This extension means that the incoming athletes have to compete for less playing time than usual. Meanwhile, the loss of high school sports seasons had denied student-athletes the fixed opportunities and time for recruitment in front of collegiate coaches and for their overall careers. With these losses, Janove has decided to take a gap year and attend the IMG Academy this fall.
“I’m reclassing in hopes for the extra year to give me more opportunities. I don’t want to be benched behind everyone at college when athletes who missed their season play their extra year, so I’m taking the gap year to let everyone clear out and so I can play more after,” said Janove.
Janove decided to continue this path at IMG Academy, a boarding school widely known for its extensive athletic training in Manatee County, Florida, as he was aware of the athletic system and sports trainers to fully aid his baseball journey. There, he plans to join their baseball post graduate program, traveling around the country playing against junior division three college teams to receive exposure to scouts and build experience for the following college athletic season.
Janove said, “I have the best tools to maximize my potential at IMG since I know the trainers there and the facilities are incredible. I just know I’ll get a lot better playing that year working there [in Florida] than I would be on my own and playing up here.”
Given this certainly uncommon route, disconcertment would be expected yet Janove perceives the situation through a bright perspective. He handles his situation with much confidence, maintaining a hopeful and positive mindset for his ongoing seasons.
“This is not something that people hear as often and it will be a little weird starting college after all my friends, but it doesn’t affect me because I know it’s going to be for the best. So I’m not worried about anything, It’s good,” says Janove with an assured smile.
This assurance rises with confidence partially from his experience led to this day as he differentiates himself by his work and efforts. Not only is this decision what differentiates him from other players, but all that he has put in for his baseball profession over the past decade as well. Janove has played for his national team throughout the summer where he travels across the east coast for competition. In the spring, he joins the Cherry Hill East baseball team each year to lead the team through the season and by numbers by stats. He busies himself through the winter and his off-season days with daily weight and personal training on his own. As he consistently surrounds himself with baseball, Janove is always seen improving his skills.
With this upcoming plan, ultimately considering as a turning point in his athletic career, Janove reflects on his high school experience at Cherry Hill East. He highlights his freshman year, where the East team held an outstanding record and season cut short of the championships, to be an unforgettable memory that had inspired him continually. Despite the struggle of missing his sophomore season, he notes the coaching staff and teammates who have been along his side to be a great impact throughout his high school career. Aside from this aspect from baseball, he includes academics and extracurricular activities, commenting on his appreciation for his teachers and on all the fun and enjoyment he had encountered during the four years.
To conclude this high school journey, Janove emphasizes his eagerness for a successful East baseball season.
“For this high school season, I just want to win. It’s my last season with all my best friends that I’ve been playing with since I was five. I just want us to have a successful year no matter what happens,” he says.
Following this season at East and soon at IMG, the path Josh Janove will take and the college he will play for has yet to be determined. He shares his ensurement of playing at college but contemplates his options of which team he desires to play for. Not only is his decision solely based on his baseball career but also relies on his education as he currently holds an interest in business for the future.
“I want to play at the highest possible level that I can and play for a great college program and a great academic school. If I’m lucky enough, I hope to get drafted after college,” says Janove.
His hopeful future in both his academic and baseball career seems like one many look forward to and can expect the number 11 to stand out in the field once again in the coming seasons.