Girls swim past Chiefs

The girls swim team swam their way to a might victory today, February 2nd, against Cherokee High School.
The swim team not only changed up their line-up for the match, but what also helped them achieve their win was the key players that were missing on Cherokee’s swim team.
“Cherokee did well, but they were missing a few good player, because some were sick and others injured, which helped [our] team, but the girls that swam today did really well,” said Marlee Ehrlich (’11), a member of the swim team.
Just one of the many highlights at the meet today was Natalie Sinunek (’14) in the 100 back stroke.
“The girls did a really good job today and I am really proud of them,” Thrlich (’11) said.
The girls swim next game will be an away game against Lenape High School on Saturday, February 5 at 3pm.