Free-throw contest to benefit cancer research

foulshot.jpgAlthough for dedicated basketball players free-throw shooting may be a painful struggle, a far greater struggle that affects thousands of families across the nation is cancer. In an effort to help put an end to both problems, East’s physical education department has organized the “Foul Shooting for a Cure” tournament.

“The physical education and health department wanted to do something to get everybody involved in an event as well as produce an event that was charitable towards an organization that everyone could get behind,” said Mr. Melograna.

During this week, both students and staff are encouraged to donate a dollar and shoot 10 free throws to help contribute towards cancer research. Participants may shoot free-throws in the DiBart gym before school from 7:30 to 7:45 or during the first 10 minutes of every lunch period.

Those who sink six baskets will qualify for the second round. However, those who fail to qualify on their first attempts may make additional attempts at a dollar each until the first round ends. Head-to-head competitions will commence after the first round ends. At the conclusion of the tournament, the winner will receive a personalized plaque.      

Although strong competition is likely to dominate the tournament, Melograna urges students and staff to keep the ultimate goal of a cure for cancer in mind.   

“We’re trying to do something positive, something the whole school can understand, can get behind, participate in, [and] be a part of,” said Melograna.

All profits from the event will go to the Jimmy V Cancer Research Foundation in North Carolina.