Introducing Eastside Editors & Staff Fantasy Basketball League

Eastside’s “experts” will battle it out for fantasy basketball supremacy in the newly installed “Eastside Editors & Staff” basketball league. Throughout the duration of the 2008 NBA season, Eastside Online will track and analyze everything going on in the league. Match-ups, weekly winners, free agent signings and trades will all be discussed. The draft was conducted at 8:15 pm on Tuesday night (October 28th) and analysis of the draft will be posted shortly.

Everything going on in the league can be tracked at the following site:

The experts:

Mr. Gagliardi- Eastside Adviser

Noah Cohen (’09)- Eastside Editor-in-Chief

Zack Rosenblatt (’09)- Entertainment Editor

Mike Davis (’10)- Online Sports Editor

Nate Mulberg (’10)- Sports Editor

Scott Kessler (’09)- Opinions Editor

Scott Gross (’09)- Eastside Staff

Dillon Rosenblatt (‘’11)- Eastside Staff

Jake Fisher (‘12)- Eastside Staff

Charlie Feinerman (’09)- Eastside Staff