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Fantasy Column 11

Fantasy Column 11


Peyton Manning vs. HOU- Manning ended up having a good day against them last time. He has plenty of weapons at home against a pretty decimated secondary. Expect a huge day and the sky’s the limit.

Drew Brees @ KC- This game should have a lot of scoring in it since 2 good offenses are playing 2 pretty bad defenses. Brees might get Reggie Bush back in this one which would help him out a lot. Expect a big day from Brees as well.

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Ben Roethlisberger vs. SD- On paper this looks like a great matchup since SD is near the bottom in pass defense but in the last 3 games, Roethlisberger has 1 TD and 8 INTs, that’s right, 8 INTs. Big Ben hasn’t played well and I can’t advocate him until I see a turnaround (or signs of one).

Jay Cutler @ ATL- This should be another offensive game. Although Atlanta has the advantage overall, Cutler will have to throw a lot to keep up since Denver couldn’t defend a high school team right now. One downside is Denver’s lack of running game but Atlanta doesn’t have the personnel to shut down Denver’s pass defense.

Philip Rivers @ PIT- This will be a tough matchup for Rivers. Chambers was non-existent last game and Pittsburgh’s pass defense is a pretty good one. Don’t expect miracles from Rivers on the road.


Kurt Warner @ SEA- You have to be excited about this. The statistical #1 QB in fantasy playing a bottom 5 pass defense. He has thrown for 300 yards in 45% of his games over his career and this could just add to his list.


David Garrard vs. TEN- Garrard has no weapons to throw to and he is playing the #1 defense in the NFL. Plus JAX only scored 10 points in week 1 against Tennessee, good luck topping that.


LaDainian Tomlinson @ PIT- LT should be active in this one. In order for SD to have a shot of winning, LT will have to step up his game. Pittsburgh will try to shut him down but you have to believe in a game where SD needs to win to be in the playoff picture, LT will come through.

Adrian Peterson @ TB- TB’s run defense is pretty stout but remember it is Adrian Peterson. He runs for big yardage against good run defenses like Chicago and Green Bay. Peterson should be fine here and he will need to step up to pick up a crucial win on the road.

Michael Turner vs. DEN- Can Denver stop anyone right now? It doesn’t get easier for them when Michael “The Burner” Turner comes to town. Turner might hit 200 yards in this game.

Matt Forte @ GB- Forte has been a fantasy player’s dream this year. In most drafts he was a late round pick that has been a top 5 or 10 fantasy back. Peterson almost hit 200 yards last week against Green Bay and Forte has to get something in that area. Expect 100 yards or more this week from him.

Frank Gore vs. STL- Gore should have a big day as well at home against St. Louis who hasn’t been a scary defense to anyone.


Brian Westbrook vs. CIN- After a strong start, Westbrook has been sluggish this season. He will put that behind him this week against an awful Cincy defense.


Brandon Jacobs vs. BAL- Baltimore is a tough matchup for Jacobs. Giants will look to use all 3 Rbs in the three headed monster and Jacobs will have a tough time making good carries out of his opportunities.


Anquan Boldin @ SEA- Boldin is scoring TDs like its nothing. Arizona should absolutely obliterate the Seahawks and Boldin will add to his 10 TDs with 2 maybe 3 in this one.

Roddy White vs. DEN- On paper this looks like a bad matchup but Denver’s secondary is banged up and White gets it done against tough secondaries anyway. White should continue to put up numbers.

Calvin Johnson @ CAR- Carolina does not lose at home and the Lions don’t win at all. Johnson will have a tough time on the road against the potent Carolina defense and it doesn’t help that his QB doesn’t really know the offense that well.

Andre Johnson @ IND- Andre Johnson had a huge day the first time he played them hitting 170 yards. Houston is hungry for revenge in this one and Andre knows how close he was to taking down the Colts for the first time in his career. He will drive himself to perform like Superman.

Greg Jennings vs. CHI- Jennings has been sluggish the past 2 weeks. I have a gut feeling that in this divisional rivalry game, where the winner has a chance to have sole possession of first place in the division, Jennings will turn it around and have a big day.


Reggie Wayne vs. HOU- Wayne had 97 yards and a TD last time he played Houston and he had a big game last week topping the century mark against Pittsburgh. Expect Wayne to beat this horrible secondary for a bigger day and top the century mark for the second straight week.

Larry Fitzgerald @ SEA-Usually Boldin is the one in the end zone. In this game, there will be enough TDs to go around and Fitz will find the end zone.


Vincent Jackson @ PIT- If Chambers gets shut down again he will get double attention and a lot of #1 corner Ike Taylor. If Chambers finds holes in the defense, Jackson won’t get catches. This will not be his week.


Antonio Gates @ PIT- This will be a tough matchup for Gates. Don’t expect the world from him but he may find the end zone in a short yardage throw.

Tony Gonzalez vs. NO- Rising star QB Thigpen likes using Tony and New Orleans doesn’t have much of an answer for him anyway. Expect a good day from Gonzalez.

Jason Witten @ WAS- Now that Romo is back, Witten will surprise everyone and have a good day in a game that Dallas must win if Jerry Jones’ prediction (and guarantee) has any chance of coming true.

Dallas Clark vs. HOU- Clark was able to light up Tennessee’s defense for 2 TDs. Houston is like the opposite of Tennessee. Although I’m not predicting 4 TDs, I’m predicting at least one and a lot of yards.

Kellen Winslow @ BUF- This is a tough matchup for Winslow but on the bright side, Quinn loves using him so he will get looks and yards but probably won’t find the end zone.


Chris Cooley vs. DAL- Cooley normally delivers verse Dallas and that should hold true this week.


Todd Heap @ NYG- Even though he had a good game last week, Giants are the best team in the NFC and will shut him down completely.

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