Expectations ride high as boys baseball season starts up


Courtesy of Instagram

The Cherry Hill East Baseball teams poses for a picture at the end of a game.

Baseball season is here and the expectations are higher than ever with all of the accomplishments of last year’s boys varsity baseball.

But before the season starts, around 55 boys will try out all hoping to get a spot on the varsity team, but only about 21 of them will make it onto the team. Tryouts are from Friday March 6 to Friday March 13. Last year the boys varsity baseball team got deep into the playoffs and won their conference.

This means that Coach Jason Speller is expecting a lot from this year’s boys varsity baseball team. 

Speller says, “We always set our goals pretty high. This year our goals are to win the conference and to get deep into playoffs and to really just overachieve. Overachieving is the biggest thing that we try to do.”

In order to achieve all of their goals during baseball season, the boys must practice to keep up their skills and improve on them even more. In order to stay in shape, in the winter, the team holds workout sessions and do numerous different exercises. The boys also practice hitting so they can improve. Pitchers are also getting their arms ready for the season. “During the winter is a big time for us. We have a lot of workout sessions. We are making sure we are working on our fundamentals. The winter time is a good time for us to get into gear,” says Speller.

Since the varsity team did so well last year and really set the bar for future teams, the team is going to want to see what was working for them and build off of that. 

Speller says, “Every team is a little bit different. Each time we approach them we try to figure out what type of things we can do to make us better as a team in general. There is definitely nothing specific that we will do differently from last year. We will try and build off of that foundation. I think last year’s team put in a lot of hard work on a daily basis and set the bar to be able to achieve.”