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East wrestling pins its way to high SJ rank

wrestling.jpgThe East varsity wrestling team’s current record is seven wins and one loss, giving the team a current rank of seventeenth in South Jersey. This impressive record is due to the hard work of many Cougar wrestlers.

David Convissar (’08) has trained hard for four years, and currently has an unbeaten record of 13-0.

“It feels good to know that we will make the playoffs for the first time since sophomore year,” Convissar said. “We haven’t seen a season this good since Beck days.”

Convissar plans to continue wrestling in college at one of his top two choices, Pittsburg and Indiana State. He plans to lift more frequently in order to prepare himself for the intense competition at the college level. A day in the life of Convissar includes daily practice from 2:30 to 5:30 at East, including a vigorous swimming session to maintain his stamina. Most importantly, Convissar maintains a healthy diet.

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“You are what you eat,” said Convissar. “If you eat crap you will be sluggish. Eating and maintaining weight is the most important preparation for practice.”

Another wrestler with a flawless record is Andre “Chunky” Harman (’08) who currently holds a 13-0 record. He plans to continue wrestling at the college of his choice, Rider.

“It feels good to see the zero on the right side,” Harman said. “It’s my last year and it just proves how far I have come. I take pride in knowing that not only am I doing well this season, but the team is succeeding as a whole.”

Harman practices at East every day and also attends a technique practice from seven to nine every night. In addition, he runs for endurance. In order to prepare himself for next year, he plans to practice chain wrestling, which focuses on the smooth transitions between moves.

The Cougars’ dominance does not stop there. Kaleef King (’08) has a record of 21-2 at this point in the season. King plans to attend his college of choice, University of Maine.

“I feel like a champion,” said King. “It’s great to be ranked seventeenth in South Jersey, but we have to remain humble and stay focused. It we let it get to our heads, we will lose our steam. Be confident, not cocky.”

Jesse Lyman (’09) has also made an impact this year. He currently holds a record of 10-2.

“It feels good as a young wrestler to stand out and lead as an example for other wrestlers,” said Lyman. “I came from a broken elbow last year to a great performer this year. [The team’s performance] gives me confidence knowing that my teammates are working as hard as I do.”

The entire Cougars team has worked hard this year to put together a successful season so far. John Casey (’08) currently has eight pins this season, more than anyone else on the team. With this strong team, East is going only one direction this year: up.

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