East swimmer Tabatha DiDonato commits to Roger Williams University


Courtesy of Tabatha DiDonato ('21)

Tabatha DiDonato (’21) commits to Roger Williams University.

One of Cherry Hill East’s strongest athletic programs has produced another bright star that is soon to shine at the collegiate level. Tabatha DiDonato (‘21) has recently committed to Roger Williams University where she will swim for their team.

DiDonato has dreamed of swimming at the collegiate level for a long time, and she says, “The dynamic of the East swim team is something I fell in love with from day one and something I want to have for my four years at college.” She naturally fell in love with swimming and the atmosphere of the team during her time at East.

Although she has only swum for 2 years so far, swimming played a significant role in her time at East. She says she “will miss my East swimming teammates and the friends I have made over the years in addition to the wonderful teachers that have helped me along the way.” There are still more memories DiDonato plans to make as she hopes that another CHE swim season is in store for this school year.

Swimming is not the only sport DiDonato has been a part of. She figure-skated and ran cross country, in addition to swimming. From her athletic experience, DiDonato says, “Athletics have been the largest part of my high school experience, from my years figure skating, to cross country running, and finally swimming. I love the environment East creates for its athletes, and the opportunities that can arise from East athletics”.

From the beginning, Roger Williams University seemed like a great option for DiDonato. In fact, she is not the first DiDonato to attend. DiDonato’s mother is an alum and she herself is excited to follow in her footsteps. DiDonato’s family ties to the school are certainly not her only reasons for choosing to attend the university. DiDonato says she “chose RWU for so many reasons. Their absolutely stunning campus is unlike any other and they
have a special program for criminal justice students that I would love to pursue. Also, the location is perfect for me, and the swim team environment at RWU is exactly the family I was looking for in a team”. Although DiDonato is committed to swim for RWU, she is excited about other opportunities present on campus. DiDonato knows that her spot on the swim team will come with challenges, but she is excited to put in the work to be better every day.

Although it seems like DiDonato’s CHE swimming career is coming to an end, another DiDonato with the same passion as her sister is working hard to swim for East. DiDonato’s younger sister, Phoebe, is another bright young swimmer with a lot of potential. DiDonato said, “My little sister Phoebe swims, and I have never met anyone so excited to get in a pool and work every single day.”

Although DiDonato will be missed in the halls and in the water, we wish her good luck at Roger Williams University. Congrats!