East promotes gender equality with new Women in Sports club

Ayza Sayany (‘23) and Kiran Muttathil (‘23) are the cofounders of Women in Sports.

Abby Yu ('23)

Ayza Sayany (‘23) and Kiran Muttathil (‘23) are the cofounders of Women in Sports.

Women have proven that they are powerful, inspiring leaders. In the world of sports, women have displayed strength, courage, and grit through adversity. Women have broken down gender barriers and have shown what they are truly capable of. Kiran Muttathil (‘23) and Ayza Sayany (‘23) decided to start Women in Sports to encourage girls in the community to participate in sports and learn about the discipline, perseverance, and teamwork that comes with being a high school athlete.
“We were really moved to start a club to uplift women athletes,” said Sayany.
Muttathil and Sayany come from athletic backgrounds; sports run in their families The girls participate in field hockey and figure skating, respectively. During the 2020-2021 school year, Muttathil tore her ACL and has undergone two knee surgeries. Sayany had stress reactions and Sesamoiditis in her feet. As injured athletes undergoing physical therapy, they realized just how impactful sports were on their lives. They wanted to share their deep passion for sports with younger girls in and out of the community.
“So many girls are passionate about the sports they play and are grateful for the opportunities they have been given through their sport,” said Muttathil, “I want younger girls to develop that same sense of enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and teamwork that we have as high school athletes.”
In May, Muttathil and Sayany decided to complete a club application form. Once the club idea was approved, they began spreading the word through virtual platforms like Instagram. Within four months, they have gained over 100 followers on their Instagram account and nearly 100 girls on Google Classroom. The power of online platforms have enabled them to also receive input from club members, which they feel is vital for the club’s success and future.
“We are very fortunate to have such a great community of female athletes,” said Sayany, “We wanted to bring everyone together and try to inspire as many young girls that may have not been able to have the same opportunities that we have to play sports and get involved.”
The two athletes were able to connect with nearby elementary schools and coordinate with them to virtually present slideshows to younger girls. They wish to inspire the new generation of women athletes (in and out of the community) to get involved in sports and stay active. In terms of future plans, the two girls have plenty of ideas up their sleeves.
“We’ve been talking all summer long about what we plan to do next year,” said Muttathil.
Their ideas for the upcoming school year include hosting field day at East for elementary school students, having a student vs. staff sports game, attending professional women’s games nearby, continuing to present to elementary school students, and much more.
Though their club is new, Muttathil and Sayany are prepared and excited for what the next school year holds. They will be expanding their club alongside their newly elected board members: Sami Bloom (‘23), Emily Boyle (‘23), Katie Bristow (‘23), Eloise Kipnis (‘24), Elliana Tonghini (‘22), Caroline Perry (‘22). Their efforts and advocacy are paving the future for women in sports.
If you have a passion for sports or want more information about the club here are the club’s Instagram handle, Remind, and Google Classroom code:

Instagram: @chewomeninsports
Remind: text @chewis to 81010
Google Classroom: xt5pc20

Muttathil has her game face on as East is playing against Shawnee (Abby Yu (’23)).
Sayany practices her turns during an after-school practice (Abby Yu (’23)).