East girls field hockey falls to Eastern in competitive match


Courtesy of Amanda Merovitz ('22)

The East girls field hockey team prepares to square off against Eastern.

Although it was raining and not a school day, the East Varsity field hockey team battled it out with Eastern Regional High School on October 8, 2018. They had sticks in their hands, their goggles on and their game faces ready. The team was ready to show what they were made of and try to beat Eastern. The referee blew his whistle and the game began.

Sticks moved back and forth and 18 seconds into the game, Eastern scored their first goal. Nevertheless, East suddenly had a strong desire to get back and score. East had some nice passing, but in the end, the ball was stolen by Eastern. Thirteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds into the first half, Eastern scored three goals and East scored zero. The time was ticking in the first quarter. Coach Radbill encouraged the team to fight on from the sidelines. All of a sudden the whistle blew, signaling the end of the first half.

The East players were called out to the field for a quick meeting before the second half began. After the motivational meeting, the girls ran back out onto the field and began the second half of the nail-biting game.
At the start of the second half, East got the ball and they were hungry to score. They brought the ball down the field and passed it to Appalachian State commit Carli Ciocco (‘19), who brought it to the net. She shot the ball past the goalie and scored.

She scored East’s first goal. Right after Ciocco scored, East got right back to business. Two minutes later, Eastern scored, making it 6-1. With fifteen minutes left in the second half, Eastern scored their tenth goal of the game.
The clock struck zero and the team lost the action-packed game 14-1.