East defeats Eastern in boys’ volleyball

Yesterday, at 3:45 p.m., the East Cougars Boy’s Volleyball team defeated Eastern.

Junior Varsity defeated Eastern 25-22, 25-15. Key players on the JV team include Greg Slaton (’11), Cole Spencer (’11), David Shull (’12), Andrew Qian (’12), Evan Smith (’12), Chris Zaleski (’11) and Christian Strauss (’11).

East proved their worth with a Varsity victory as well. The score was 25-16, 25-22. Key players included Eric Zaun (’11), Mike Wolf (’10), Andrew Pursell (’10), Rishi Sarkar (’10), Lokesh Ojha (’10) and Christian Strauss (’11). Varsity’s season record is 12-0.

Keep up the good work, Cougars!