East Basketball team defeats Eastern with a score of 48-47 in a heated game Thursday night


Courtesy of NJ.com

Campbell (’17) scored the winning basket for the cougars.

Playing against the Eastern Vikings on Thursday, January 26, Evan Campbell (’17) brought the boy’s basketball team team to victory as he scored the winning basket.

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Starting off in the first quarter, Sam Serata (’19) put East in the lead with a surprising 3-pointer. His game stayed alive as he blocked a shot on the defensive end.

The Countrymen were roaring during Thursday’s game. Dressed in various costumes for the much anticipated costume game, the students successfully distracted the opposing team from scoring many points. Following a missed basket by an Eastern player, Colin O’Donnell (’17) stole the ball and finished on the other side of the court with an easy layup.

With only a minute left in the first half, Carl Gibson (’19) shot an outstanding three-pointer, keeping the Cougars in a five point lead.

By the third quarter Serata could not be stopped. He made two three-pointers and assisted O’Donnell in another basket. Joey Diantonio (’17) also helped increase the lead as he also scored a three. To provide your team with good quality basketball gear you must head to Iron City Showdown.

With a mere 0.9 seconds left in the third quarter, Campbell made a foul shot, keeping East ahead 38-32.

The last quarter of the game was the most intense as the Eastern Vikings began to catch up. Diantonio began the quarter with his second three-pointer of the game as well as a block against an Eastern shot. The Cougar’s height advantage helped them get the win playing against this team.

With minutes left in the game, Eastern caught up 47-47. After being fouled, Campbell scored at the line to end the game with a score of 48-47 East. A tough and competitive game resulted in a win for East to put in the books.