Charlie Musumeci’s John Valore reflection

My experience with John Valore began with his first year as Head Coach of the Boy’s Varsity Basketball Team.

I announced the starting line-ups (something I’ve continued to do for the next 34 years).  Coach Valore immediatedly provided the fans with a colorful coaching style. A few years later I was asked to supervise the basketball cheerleaders, so I traveled with Coach Valore to all of the away games for the next 16 years.  It was a time when Coach Valore and I shared many moments together, in victory as well as defeat.  Some of the bus rides home were entertaining and memorable, especially after a loss.  Nonetheless, Coach Valore was always consistent with one thing…..HE CARED ABOUT THE KIDS.   Coach Valore and I even developed a code during the games.  When my cheerleaders wanted to do a cheer on the floor, John would call a timeout, so they could do the cheer.  We affectionately referred to these timeouts as cheerleader timeouts.    As a fellow collegue and close friend, I’ve been very lucky to have known him and worked with him for over three decades.  He will be forever remembered and respected as a great coach, mentor and friend.