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Hawaiian Pro Bowl tradition to change in 2010

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, recently announced that the 2010 Pro Bowl will now take place in Miami, Florida at Dolphin Stadium.

The Pro Bowl has been held in Honolulu, Hawaii since 1980.

Not only will it have a new location after 30 years, but it will also take place at a different time. It will be held January 31, 2010, which is one week before Super Bowl XLIV.

Also, whichever teams make it to Super Bowl XLIV, cannot have any players on the Pro Bowl roster. This is due to possible injuries to those players. This would have been good news for Redskins ILB London Fletcher- Baker this year after his comment for not making the Pro Bowl once again, “To have it happen, year after year after year after year, you can’t tell me … an 8-time alternate, c’mon man.” If Carolina were to make it to the Super Bowl this year, Baker would be bumped up onto the roster for the NFC for his first Pro Bowl appearance in his eleven-year career.

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This could also cause some controversies, because what makes the Pro Bowl fun to watch is seeing the NFL’s best all competing against each other. If this happened last year, eight of the Pro Bowlers would not have played because of making it to the Super Bowl.

For the conference losing teams with players who made the roster, some of them might not even want to play in the game. After you lose the final game before the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl might just make it worse.

Last year, fourteen Charger and Packer players were selected to the Pro Bowl roster, after losing the game before the Super Bowl their attitude could have changed toward playing in the game. They lost one of the biggest games of their career and playing in the Pro Bowl game probably would have just made it worse.

The NFL is supposed to have a rule that at least one player from each of the thirty-two teams will be selected to the Pro Bowl, now they are changing it by having the exception of the top two NFL teams’ players not on the roster and the possibility of the third and fourth best teams’ players not wanting to play.

From a recent poll on 67% of 77,000 voters think the Pro Bowl should be after the Super Bowl instead of before.

The Pro Bowl in Honolulu has been sold out every single year and once they started to do work on Aloha Stadium, the Pro Bowl gets moved to Miami. Goodell said that there is a slight chance the Pro Bowl will be back in Hawaii, but not likely.

Losing the Pro Bowl, combined with slowdowns in tourism because of the sluggish economy, is a double-dose of bad news for Honolulu, which estimates that 25,000 people came from out-of-state for Pro Bowls.


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