“Your Place or Mine” spreads laughter and love


Courtesy of variety.com

“Your Place or Mine” stars Reece Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher.

You know what they say, opposites attract. In Netflix’s new original movie, “Your Place or Mine,” Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher star as best friends, Debbie Dunn and Peter Coleman. The pair, who are complete opposites, engage in the classic “house swap” in order to help each other out.

Debbie lives in Los Angeles with her thirteen year old son, and Peter lives in New York City as a successful marketing executive. The duo had a romantic relationship almost twenty years ago, but it quickly came to an end and resulted in a dynamic friendship. Debbie, an uptight but caring mom, and Peter, a relaxed and charming executive, seem like an unlikely pair, but there is quite obviously still a spark between them.

Struggling to stay financially afloat in Los Angeles with her son, Debbie makes the bold decision to follow her dreams and take a week-long accounting course in New York City. When her son’s babysitter has to cancel at the last minute, Peter steps up and offers to stay with him.

Upon the cross-country house swap, Debbie and Peter learn to readjust to the other’s polar opposite life. As Debbie pursues her accounting degree, she finally has the opportunity to take a break from constant worry as a mother. On the other hand, Peter takes on the challenging responsibilities of caring for Debbie’s son Jack (Wesley Kimmel).

By living in the other’s home, the best friends learn more about each other. Debbie, for example, discovers Peter’s finished draft of a novel. He had proclaimed to have quit writing years ago, so this comes as quite a surprise, especially considering how well-written the story is. While staying in the city, Debbie meets Theo Martin (Jesse Williams), a charming book editor who is also a romantic interest. Although their relationship comes to an end after Debbie realizes she has feelings for Peter, she is able to give Peter’s book draft to Theo.

While staying at Debbie’s house in Los Angeles California, Peter comes to realize he has feelings for his best friend. When the pair reconnect, they engage in a classic rom-com fight in the airport, resulting in a confession of their love for each other. Like most romantic comedies, Debbie and Peter live happily ever after. They settle down in Debbie’s house in Los Angeles and become a family.

Overall, the Netflix original shines a new light on today’s age of romantic comedies. The film manages to incorporate aspects of beloved 2000s rom-coms, such as inclusions of an eccentric side-kick, a grand final gesture, and aesthetically pleasing settings. Although the film was not heavy on the comedy aspect, the adorable romance made up for it.

Witherspoon and Kutcher excel in their roles, and the chemistry between them is certainly visible. Between the catchy soundtrack, visually stimulating settings, and the star-studded cast, “Your Place or Mine” is definitely a must-watch.