Twins: Devon and Jordan Challenger


Devon and Jordan Challenger ('21)

Devon and Jordan Challenger relay their experiences as twins at East.

This is an online continuation of our twin coverage in the Senior Issue. Devon and Jordan Challenger reflect on their experiences.
How would you describe your twin?
Devon: I would describe him as a fun person to be around who really cares.
Jordan: I would describe him as fun, chill and cool to be around.
What is the best or worst quality of your twin?
Devon: His worst quality is sharing.
Jordan: The worst quality is he is a pretty wild sleeper.
Have you ever been in a class with your twin?
Devon: Yeah a few
Jordan: We had a few
Do you have the same friends?
Devon & Jordan: We have the same friends, exact same
What is the best part of having a twin?
Devon: The best part is having someone to be around. It is like having a friend that is always there.
Jordan: They are always there for you and there is someone always by your side. You are not alone.
Do you have twin telepathy?
Devon: No but maybe because sometimes we will both say yes to something at the same time.
Jordan: Eh not really
Can you compare your relationship with your twin to a famous dynamic duo?
Devon & Jordan: Shaq and Kobe
Do you think you and your twin are similar?
Devon: Yeah we have a lot of the same qualities.
Jordan: Oh yeah we share the same qualities.