Treat yourself on Valentine’s Day

Previously published in Eastside’s February 2020 Issue

While February is filled with romantic movies and love songs, many of us may not relate to the couples that are typically portrayed in these films or lyrics. On Valentine’s Day, you might scroll past articles that tell you where all the cute date spots are, or see Snapchats and Instagram stories of everyone else’s significant other. In these cases, we often forget that Valentine’s Day is not just a day for couples, but also a day to embrace self-love and treat yourself to something that makes you happy.

Go get a massage and try Synergy Institute for a free consultation, schedule a spa day, get your nails done or even get a blowout or haircut. At home, you could take a nice warm, and soapy bath and apply your favorite facial. I recommend a panda sheet mask — it’s adorable.

There is nothing better than sitting in the comfort of your own room with the lights dim and your favorite scented candle lit while watching your favorite movie. It is so relaxing to spend some time away from your phone and everything that is going on around you in order to indulge yourself in a story that takes away from your day-to-day life. Instead of a movie, you could even explore new music and make new playlists for yourself.

Lastly, spend time with your friends! Go shopping, dress up and grab dinner together or stay in and try new recipes to cook. Whether it is a recipe for dinner or dessert, sometimes staying in for a home-cooked meal with your friends can be extremely cozy and comforting.
While these self-care tips may seem simple, they make all the difference in embracing self-love and treating yourself this Valentine’s Day.