Top 5 Netflix shows to binge-watch during quarantine

Between juggling school work and sports within the long school day, there was never enough time to catch up on my favorite Netflix shows. With so much more time during quarantine, all I need is my couch and some snacks to enjoy the top five best Netflix shows to binge-watch during our isolation.

5. The Circle – The Circle is a reality tv show where several contestants are separated into their hotel rooms and compete with each other through social media for a grand money prize. However, they have no connection to reality and can only communicate with others through The Circle. The show is exciting and always has something new and hilarious in each episode, and you never truly know who is going to be eliminated. I love watching this show because it’s so interesting to see how everyone perceives each other through the world of social media.

4. Gossip Girl – Gossip Girl is a drama-filled show with sassy and adventurous characters. It features the lives of a group of teenagers growing up in the Upper Eastside of New York with an exciting and unpredictable future ahead of them, alongside a blogger who is always spilling everyone’s secrets, Gossip Girl. This show is amazing and I am so attached to these characters and the plot that I cannot stop watching it! If you haven’t already seen it, this is a perfect show to start. With 7 seasons, it will for sure keep your attention captured during the quarantine!

3. Grey’s Anatomy – Grey’s is an amazing show centered around surgical interns, residents, and attending doctors. Between saving lives and their own dramatic lives, there is so much excitement and craziness within this show!

2. Gilmore Girls – My favorite. I recently started this show and I fell in love with it. The show is about a mom and her daughter living in their small, quirky town of Stars Hollow, with different friends and events. There is never a dull day in their lives. It’s a simple show but I can never seem to get bored of it.

1. All American – The ultimate. All American is an extremely popular show right now. It is based on a true story about the football player, Spencer Paysinger. It focuses on his childhood of playing football and where he grew up. Between violent gangs on his neighborhood street to his new thriving football career in Beverly Hills, there is so much this show entails, and it is definitely a must-watch. It’s honestly all people are talking about, besides COVID- 19 of course. This show pulls you in from episode 1.
What better to do than lie on your couch with good snacks and a blanket with Netflix? I hope my top five Netflix shows to binge helped make your quarantine time a little bit more exciting.