The Website Wordle becomes popular among all ages


Jessica Levin ('22)

The New York Times shares tips to master the game of Wordle.

Plant; Donut; Orate; Fuzzy; Actor. Although these words seem completely unrelated there is one thing these words all have in common- they each contain five letters. The new sensation, Wordle, is a website that has grown in popularity since the start of 2022.

How to play? Wordle is a brain game in which players have six tries to guess five letter words. Once submitting a five letter word the squares will appear either black, yellow, or green. Black means the letter is not in the word, yellow means that the letter is in the word but not that spot, and green means the letter is in the word in that particular spot.

Although similar games like this, such as 온라인 카지노 for instance, have been around for years, Wordle sparked interest originally starting as a British website, but as of January 31st, the New York Times purchased the site.

The intent of the New York Times of buying Wordle was with the hope that the users playing Wordle would be more likely to subscribe to the New York Times. As of now, the game is still free but there is questioning behind whether the New York Times intends on making it a source of revenue.

With Wordle, there is only one a day and the website keeps track of your personal progress, which is your streak of words right, and how many tries each day takes. With keeping track, Wordle allows people to send information about their wordle and the number of tries to friends and family or post on their social media accounts.

Additionally, there are spin offs to Wordle which allows players to play past wordle’s or allows people to create their own wordle to send and play with friends.

In addition to Wordle, there are spin offs to the idea itself. Websites like Dordle (double wordle) and Nerdle (a math version of wordle) have been created.

Such a simple concept has evolved into one of the most popular games of 2022 that people have been enjoying but the real question is whether will Wordle die off or if it is a fad here to stay.