The arrival of spring and COVID-19 make cleaning even more critical

Cleaning your bedroom as well as other rooms in your home becomes a must in order to prepare for spring and to kill germs, which is crucial in times of COVID.

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Cleaning your bedroom as well as other rooms in your home becomes a must in order to prepare for spring and to kill germs, which is crucial in times of COVID.

Over the course of the year, the pandemic has truly stressed the importance of cleanliness. Ignoring all of the bad things the pandemic has brought us, one positive aspect was the need of making sure you stay healthy, which is where staying clean comes into hand. From simply washing your hands to making sure every surface in your home is spotless, there is always something to be done. As we enter the new season, with sunshine, nature, and happiness calls for some spring cleaning.

The following includes tips that can help you stay clean during these crazy times:
1.Clean out your room.
Cleaning out your room does not necessarily mean getting rid of all those dirty dishes, but focus on re-organizing clothes or even getting rid of a few outfits you outgrew over the years. By cleaning your room, you are creating a cleaner and more workable environment for yourself which will influence you in ways you may not recognize!

2.Re-organize your bookshelves or bathroom.
Bathrooms can get more dirty than you think. Take some time to clean off the dusty toothbrush and makeup holders and reorganize those jumbled cabinets.
When it comes to desks and bookshelves, we all love organized and spotless shelves. Organize your school work and supplies on your desk,before wiping off the dust with a kleenex wipe. Do the same to your shelves. I promise that both you and your shelves will both feel relieved.

3.Wash the windows.
Over the winter, not many people have the motivation to go outside in the cold to wash their windows. As the weather gets warmer out, it should be an easy and quick task to get those windows clean! So, put on your favorite playlist and get to scrubbing because those windows are not going to clean themselves!

4.Clean out the kitchen.
If you are feeling productive, you could help your parents clean the kitchen out. Whether that be dusting and wiping down surfaces or cleaning out messy drawers of silverware, the kitchen could always use a good clean. Always remember even the smallest things, make big differences. All in all, who doesn’t love the place they eat in to be nice and clean?

To add some fun and motivation into cleaning, here is a 25 song, “Spring Cleaning” playlist!

Firework- Katy Perry
Wait- Maroon 5
Home with You- Madison Beer
Happier- Marshmello & Bastille
Beautiful- Bazzi
Burn the House Down- AJR
JackIe Chan- Tiesto & Dzeko
Summer- Calvin Harris
Feel so Close- Calvin Harris
Sunday Morning – Matoma
Runway (U & I) – Galntis
Lemonade- Internet Money
Californa Girls- Katy Perry
Live While We’re Young – One Direction
Unforgettable- Thomas Rhett
Sunday Best – Surfaces
The Weekend- SZA & Calvin Harris
Rather Be – Clean Bandit
Starships- Nicki Minaj
Memories – David Guetta
Cold Water- Major Lazer
Middle – DJ Snake
Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld
Summa- Peach Tree Rascals
No Control- One Direction