The app, Evil Apple vs. Humanity, attracts many users


Courtesy of Apple Store

Evil Apple vs. Humanity is a fun and entertaining game for many.

If you are ever at a party and need a fun game to play with a group of friends, Evil Apple vs. Humanity is a great choice. The app came into stores on June 11, 2013, and since then it has become more popular. Currently, the app can be used on IOS and Android. However, this past year, many users have started to notice glitches in the app. Recently, on January 9, 2020, the app was updated to fix these glitches.

When users open Evil Apple vs. Humanity, they are asked to sign in with their email in order to make an account. After users log in, they can create or join a server. Creating a server is very simple. All the user needs to do is click the box that says “Host Game.” A code will then show up, and all the players will be expected to type the code in on the main screen. Typically, the game is played with at least four people. When the players begin, the game will come up with a funny scenario, such as, “if (players name) were to film a movie, what would the title be?” All the players will then submit their answer. Once the answers are submitted, the judge will vote on the best choice.

In order to download the app, players are required to be 17 or older. This is a free app and has a 4.8/5 star rating. Although the app is free, there are some parts to the app that require money. For example, getting more playing cards requires payment. Also, there is a mega pass that costs 4.99 dollars. This pass involves quick play games that are free and have no ads. It also gives the player +1000 coins. The quick play is played with strangers. These games require one slice of pie, which is a prize the user receives every time they win.

Many users love Evil Apple vs. Humanity. This is proven by the very high rating breakdowns. Around 109,855 people have rated this game a five. Around 12,654 people voted in this game a four. Around 3,567 people have rated this game a three. Around 729 people voted the game a two. Clearly, many people enjoy this game. This is clearly noted with the data above; a majority of the users gave the game a four or a five star rating.

Although Evil Apple vs. Humanity has been a major success, there have been some minor issues with the game. Before the date of January 9th, many people left negative comments on the game saying it has been glitching and freezing up, which made the app unusable.

One person who left a comment on the app stores rating said, “I only got to play [Evil Apple vs. Humanity] a couple of times. Now it doesn’t even open.” They had rated this a three out of five.

Another person had also written, “The game is freezing up constantly. Please update.” They had rated this a one out of five.

The update was released on January 9, 2020, and there have been better reviews ever since. The 3.4.7 update had fixed various bugs and glitches. People have now been leaving positive comments.

One player said, “The game itself works great. No glitches that I’ve encountered.” This was written January 19th, which shows that most of the bugs were fixed. Now, people are beginning to enjoy the game without getting logged out or seeing glitches on their screen.

Luckily, Evil Apple vs. Humanity has been fixed, which has allowed the game to receive lots of popularity. Many people are beginning to play the fun game again. Additionally, since the update, people have been leaving positive comments on the game. This has helped intrigue people to get the game.

If you ever need a fun game to play or a good laugh with all your friends, Evil Apple Vs. Humanity is fixed and back up working, waiting for the next players to join.