Students Dismissed 30 Minutes Late Due to Police Activity


Cherry Hill Public Schools sent an email out to the community regarding the shelter in place.

Yesterday, the Cherry Hill High School East administration placed the school into a “shelter in place” five minutes prior to normal dismissal time. Nearby activity on Kresson Road involving the Cherry Hill Police Department prompted the shelter in place.

“No students should be dismissed at this time. We are awaiting word from local PD that the police activity in the area… is ended. And once that is ended, then I will come on and dismiss everyone,” Dr. Perry said over the loudspeaker.

Dr. Perry also said over the loudspeaker that the shelter in place was intended “to keep everyone safe here in school.”

During the shelter in place, teachers locked their respective classroom doors, as required by school procedure. Most teachers and students alike were unsure of when the shelter in place would end or even the reasons behind it.

Rumors quickly spread, however, with some believing that police were pursuing a juvenile possessing a knife in the area. Other rumors suggested that such an incident occurred in the woods in the vicinity of East or near the local Jewish Community Center.

Throughout the shelter in place, Dr. Perry made multiple announcements over the loudspeaker, providing the school with reminders that the shelter in place was continuing. 

As the clock neared 3:00pm, for example, Dr. Perry made a reminder announcement. The announcement also slightly amended the shelter in place policy.

“At this time you can send one student out of each classroom [if they need to use the bathroom],” Dr. Perry said.

After 30 minutes (approximately 3:00pm), Dr. Perry finally dismissed everyone over the loudspeaker. The late dismissal reportedly caused bussing delays at other schools within the District. After finishing their routes for East students, buses head to the middle schools. 

“We are all clear. Thank you everyone for your cooperation,” said Dr. Perry.