Spring and summer allergy season has arrived, here are some ways to relieve allergy symptoms


Courtesy of trusens.com

Allergy season is in full swing, but there are ways to reduce your symptoms.

Achoo! Cough, Cough. Runny nose. It’s that time of year again. Back to sneezing, runny noses, and coughing. Nobody likes it but it happens. There are some ways we can avoid getting allergies and breathe without problems.

As pollen production increases, allergy season is in full swing. In 2022, pollen has already started to accumulate, leading to a noticeable uptick in sniffs and sneezes. Much more is expected to follow suit in the coming weeks. “Unfortunately, we’re expecting a bad allergy season in Houston this year — especially this coming April,” says Dr. Omar Ahmed, an ENT doctor at Houston Methodist. Some ways that people can avoid the symptoms are: staying indoors on hot days, avoiding cutting grass, removing clothes you’ve worn outside to remove pollen from your body and hair; shower, etc. If you do one or more of these things, you will not get allergies this summer.

There are many things that can cause spring/summer allergies. One thing that causes these annoying allergies is pollen. This factor can really increase the spread of allergies as a lot of people cut their grass this time of year. The medical way that this happens is the immune system begins to produce chemicals including histamine to fight against the pollen. This is known as an allergic reaction. Allergy season luckily ends mid-end of July.

Studies show that in the 12 months preceding the 2010 U.S. According to the National Health Interview, there were 17.9 million adults diagnosed with hay fever (allergic rhinitis), which is equal to approximately 7.8 percent of the population of the country. Experts are also saying that this year’s allergy season will be worse than in the past. Across the U.S. and Canada, pollen season is starting about 20 days earlier and pollen loads are about 21% higher than in 1990, according to a February 2021 study.

Now there are a few ways to prepare for this traumatic time in the year:

– Close windows and doors to block allergens from getting in. Place air filters in windows that are left open.
– Leave shoes, jackets and hats at the door to keep from bringing pollen or other allergens into the rest of the house.
– Dust and vacuum with a HEPA filter weekly — or even daily in the spring and summer.
– Bathe after being outside to get rid of pollen; it’s especially helpful at night so you don’t bring allergens into bed with you.
– Change your bedding weekly.
– If you use an air purifier, be sure to change or clean the filter every month.

Make sure you are well prepared so you will not have the coughs and sneezes this season!