Sports programs continue online during the COVID-19 outbreak


Photo by Jessica Levin

Magic Allstars Cheerleading holds zoom practice every week because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the Coronavirus taking kids out of sports, many sports programs are still managing to keep their athletes in shape and healthy. With Google Meet and Zoom calls available, coaches can stay in touch with their athletes and make sure that they are staying in shape to hopefully return to the missed season.

Carly Drumm (‘22), competitively cheers for Magic Cheerleading where they are keeping a strict schedule for the athletes to keep up with. Over Zoom calls, athletes can attend different “classes” that will help further their skills and they are all capable of doing them all at home.

“I like how we are able to get exercise even though we aren’t in the gym,” said Drumm.

Although the online classes are a great alternative, there are definitely some issues with the system. With the scheduled classes, it is sometimes hard for the athletes to adjust their personal schedules to go on the call when the classes are happening. Also, the calls do take time to get used with.

Another athlete who is participating in online practice is Abigail Nahum (‘23), who competitively dances at Artist in Motion. She has been able to now enjoy dancing in the comfort of her home, and she is now able to see her friends and feel as if she is actually at dance class. Nahum who is involved in many different styles of dance including Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, HipHop, Ballet and Musical Theatre, now has the convenience of dancing in her home, despite the difficulty of the space limitations.

Josh Janove (‘22) is participating in online training for baseball with some of his teammates and trainers. Janove plays for South Jersey Storm Baseball himself and his teammates have been keeping a positive mental state in hopes that they will soon be able to get back out on the field.

“It has personally kept me in shape and I feel like it has been keeping the rest of the team in as good of shape as we can possibly be in,” said Janove.

Even though practicing and working out over the phone is not the ideal situation, many athletes continue to train hard in high hopes that they can soon get back to practices soon.