Seasonal activities take place as fall approaches


Courtesy of the Courier-Post

Pumpkin picking is one of the many fun fall activities

For those of us who enjoy getting cozy by the fire and taking strolls with the cool night bright, fall is that great time of the year. Many like to cozy up in the comforts of their homes, watching movies, and making pumpkin bread. An assortment of pumpkins has been quite a hit in 2020 with people stuck at home and trying new foods.

It’s clear that while people practice social distancing and face many problems and restrictions, fall is still time to look forward to. One of the main activities people enjoy is eating pumpkin bread and picking up Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. These lattes are definitely a favorite for their creamy foam and homely goodness with a bit of caffeine to give you a boost. Even when you try it with ice, you won’t be disappointed! As for pumpkin bread, it is a staple in some people’s homes for its supposed feeling of nostalgia that brings one to their happy place. These foods are a great way to pass the time during the pandemic.

Fall is definitely not just about baking, it is also about the memories we make when doing our favorite autumn activities. Farms are now open for pumpkin and apple picking and they require families to wear masks. Also, families enjoy picnics, hikes, and walks to soak in the wonderful season. Being able to now go out with your family while social distancing is truly amazing. It doesn’t end there because Halloween is right around the corner. Quarantine has allowed people to get creative with the spooky season decorations. When taking a walk down a street in the neighborhood, one can spot ghosts, jack o lanterns, witches, spiders, and scary decorations all over the houses. Halloween decorating can be a great time to spend time with your family while also putting on an awesome display at the same time.

Others take pleasure in watching many movies while snuggled up in a warm blanket. Some of the most popular watched movies are the Harry Potter series and many old time 90’s classics. Autumn is a fun time of the year, so people should take this time to get out of their comfort zone, appreciate the changing colors of the leaves, and count their blessings because this season will be a good one.