Season four of “You” is released on Netflix


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Penn Badgley puts on another stellar performance of Joe Goldberg in season four of “You.”

Netflix is no stranger to thrillers and mysteries, releasing various works such as Knives Out, Behind Her Eyes, and Murder Mystery. However, You manages to stand out in the genre. The television show You starring Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg follows a love-obsessed man who repeatedly stalks and then kills his romantic partners.

Netflix released its fourth season in two parts, with part one being released on February 9, 2023 and part two on March 9, 2023. Unlike past seasons, season four of You delves deeper into the gore, darkness and Joe himself.

In this new season, Joe starts a new life in London under the identity of Jonathan Moore. He remains heartbroken over his failed relationship with his last partner, Marienne, but soon enough, he begins a relationship with Kate Galvin, joining her friend group of wealthy socialites. As members of the social circle begin to die, and Joe receives mysterious messages from an unknown source that uncovered his past, Joe hunts down the “Eat the Rich” killer responsible for these murders before he gets framed. Despite the answers supposedly given in part one, part two puts everything into question with its monumental plot twist.

While in past seasons, Joe has been responsible for the murders from the start, this season takes on a whodunnit style reminiscent of Agatha Christie. Any one of Joe’s new high-class companions could be responsible, so Joe embarks on a mission to unveil the truth to preserve his reputation throughout part one. This new murder mystery style was a tasteful deviation from the show’s previous pattern, keeping the show exciting for viewers.

The concept of the “Eat the Rich” killer also provides a campy social commentary on wealthy, high-class individuals. Season four brings into question how far celebrities are out of touch with hard work and the life of an average middle-class individual, adding another layer to the show that audiences can ponder.

Especially in part two of You, audiences gain much more insight into Joe and the purity of his intentions. Throughout previous seasons, Joe is in denial of his malicious actions and uses his desire to be loved as justification. Although he persistently believes his actions can be rationalized, Joe finally faces his dark side during the last three episodes. The audience finally gets a deep glimpse into Joe’s fractured psyche, seeing him ultimately make the realization that through disassociation and excuses, he hasn’t taken proper responsibility for all the crimes he has committed. This much needed self reflection enhances Joe’s character development throughout the show.

Badgley’s strong performance in You brings the complex Joe Goldberg to life. His acting humanizes the character, providing viewers with someone to pity at times or often loathe. Badgley masterfully captures the crumbling of Joe’s mental state, portraying the self-hatred and lack of identity he grapples with over the course of season four. Joe might not be a particularly likable character, but Badgley plays him as someone viewers want to sympathize with, despite his mistakes.

Season four of You takes audiences on an exhilarating journey with many twists keeping the story engaging. With its powerful acting, enjoyable characters and mind-altering plot, this is a show that “You” have to see.